Nutrition Coaching 101 PART 1 | Why Nutrition Coaching is Key to Client Success and Business Growth

Nutrition coaching. It’s kind of a big deal.

But so many coaches just aren’t taking advantage of including nutrition in their coaching businesses!

Why? There are probably a few reasons: they don’t have certifications, they’re not sure what they can and can’t offer, or they feel like it’ll be too complicated and time-consuming to implement.

But in reality, it’s massively important for your clients’ overall health, wellness, and success in their fitness journey.

First things first: why is good nutrition so important?

  1. Your clients need vitamins and minerals in their diets to excel in their fitness routine.
  2. Food gives them energy. Without it, they won’t be able to function properly—or maintain an active lifestyle.
  3. Without the right nutrition, their bodies might begin to shut down certain processes—things like reproduction, among other things.
  4. Nutrient density. They need to be eating impactful, satiating, nutrient-dense foods.
  5. They can’t function without proper nutrition. Which means clients won’t be able to work out if they’re not eating properly.

They need the right nutrition to be successful in their fitness routine—so why wouldn’t you be the one to support them?

Next up: why is nutrition coaching important for trainers to offer?

Improved Retention & Compliance

It might not be lack of motivation that is preventing your clients from complying with their programs. They may be lacking energy or have a weak immune system due to poor nutrition—which could be leading to missed workouts. Missed workouts tend to result in poor results—which means churn. More lost clients means less money for your business!

Strong Results

Nutrition is just as important as exercise so if clients aren’t seeing results, they may get discouraged and give up on their fitness routine. But with proper nutrition coaching, they may see the results the want—which builds a stronger relationship with their coach! Combat discouragement with a guide to healthier eating.

Better Engagement

Clients may only work out 3 times a week, but they eat 2-5 times per day! Provide more touch points and opportunities to converse and watch their engagement with the app—and with you—skyrocket.

More Tactics

When clients hit a plateau in their journey, you can always add more difficult exercises, increase their reps or weight, or add some cardio to their program. But sometimes you need to look beyond their sets, reps, and rest times and look at their nutrition and sleep habits. Take a 360° approach to their health and wellness to have a way bigger impact.

Provide Prevention

It’s expensive to be unhealthy! Eating out, medical bills, medication, and loss of work for sick days adds up—a lot! By helping your clients in healthy eating earlier in life, you’ll support them in building a sustainable long-term plan. In the grand scheme of things, paying for nutrition coaching to learn how to make healthier choices is much cheaper than the alternative. Help your clients be proactive about their health and enjoy the benefits of those long-term relationships for your business.

Convinced? Great. Not yet? Stay tuned—so much more valuable, information nutrition coaching content coming soon.

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