Nutrition Coaching 101 PART 7 | How to Price Your Nutrition Coaching Packages

Pricing. No one said it was easy, but being compensated appropriately for your services is an essential part of building and scaling your business. We’ve built plenty of pricing tools in the past, but for many Trainerize users, nutrition is a new offering. So we are here to help!

Setting prices comes down to how much you need to earn and what your clients can afford. You need to earn revenue to grow your business—and if you’re in the business of helping people (which most personal trainers are!) then you need to be able to sustain yourself to keep helping. But it needs to be accessible for your clients.

Also, there’s more to pricing than just picking a dollar amount. Sometimes that’s the easiest part! You also need to consider how you structure your products, when your clients pay, and how much control the client has over their spend.

Let’s take a look at three pricing tiers for nutrition add-ons for your coaching programs—and you can use the one closest to your nutrition offerings as a starting point.

PLUS, you can download this information in a handy quick-reference guide, free.

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TIER 1: Free-$25 per month

For trainers who are just starting with nutrition or want to use nutrition services as sales tools

Client persona: The busy-but-wants-to-be-healthier type.

This client knows they need to make better nutrition decisions. They might be overwhelmed by making a change. They want to take baby steps, make small changes, and be held accountable.

Services: Think useful but hands-off.

Services that are guides, tools, or samples are best here! Think of PDF documents you can sell or offer in conversations with a client to help them. Things like:

  • Healthy eating guides
  • Recipe ideas
  • Sample grocery lists
  • Meal planning best practices

Delivery: One-time fee (or free!) with automated delivery.

TIER 2: $50-100 per month

For trainers who have some nutrition courses and certifications but are not qualified to give meal plans

Client persona: The wants-to-be-educated-on-eating type.

This client isn’t ready to commit fully to a nutrition program and may be constrained by budget. They don’t want to invest a ton of time or money in eating healthier but also know they need help to make active changes.

Services: Think personal, not personalized.

These services should have a human touch, but not be hugely time-consuming. Things like:

  • Off-the-cuff advice in messages or on meal photos
  • Access to a nutrition group with exclusive content
  • Setting nutrition habits in the app (like water intake, eating slowly, managing portions)
  • 1-on-1 Video calls discussion nutrition
  • Training on how to read food labels
  • Shopping lists (create a small library and choose the best for each client)
  • Recipe packs (create a few for specific diets and distribute accordingly)

Plus, anything from Tier 1 can be included, too.

Delivery: An ongoing monthly package that is created just for them.

TIER 3: $300-500 per month

For trainers who are qualified to offer meal planning through a license/certification—check your regional requirements!

Client persona: The goal-focused type.

This client has specific training goals, like bodybuilding, training for a triathlon or an athletic event, or maybe preparing for a life event like a wedding. They could be a beginner or existing client who wants extra help and attention, but has the financial means and is committed to a big change.

Services: Think super-personalized advice.

This is a premium offering, you’ve got premium-level training, and the offerings should reflect that. Things like:

  • Fully customized meal plans (using our NEW Smart Meal Planner or via PDF)
  • Tracking meals in full detail (using our built-in meal tracker)
  • Setting goals and tracking metrics for metrics such as calories and full macronutrients
  • Regular 1-on-1 nutrition coaching via video call sessions

Of course, anything that was included on Tier 1 and Tier 2 is fair game for Tier 3 clients as well! These services should be specifically tailored to the client and level up to their big-picture goals.

Delivery: Fully customized, 1-on-1 coaching.

No one said it was easy, but being compensated appropriately is worth it—and once your pricing is set, it’ll pay off. Pricing comes down to how much you need to earn, what the standards are for rates in your niche or region, what value you are providing, and what your clients can afford. Once you nail those elements and land on a structure for your services, you’ll be well-paid and well-off.

If you’re ready to kick off your nutrition coaching services, use our Nutrition Coaching Pricing Tiers Quick-Reference Guide to establish prices and offerings! You can download it here, free.