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The Best Gym Management Software for Recreation Centers

Recreation centers serve their communities. And, that means managing the needs of diverse, multi-age populations. That isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to find gym management software for recreation centers to back their many roles.

Parsing the million jillion solutions out there can feel intimidating though, we get it. And at ABC Trainerize, one of our goals is making high-quality athletic training accessible. That includes recreation centers like yours. Saving staff time and making signups more efficient isn’t just something for massive fitness corporations. And, we’re happy to share our bird’s eye view of all the software tools that are out there for community-oriented fitness spaces.

So let’s dive in! Here, we’ll break down why recreational centers need gym management software. Next, we’ll highlight the best options on the market for community fitness. And finally, reveal the relative advantages of each. You’ll be an expert in no time. 

Why is gym management software important?

Managing a recreation center is an act of community service, and it’s one that can have a major positive impact. When a recreation center offers a great place for people to hang out, connect, and take care of themselves, the whole community wins. Part of that is making it easy to join up, discover activities, and get started with your fitness programming. 

That’s where gym management software comes in. When you upgrade your recreation center to use state-of-the-art apps like ABC Trainerize, you make high-quality training accessible to folks from all walks of life. Your staff will also avoid serious headaches associated with outdated systems. Ultimately freeing them up to pay closer attention to people in real life. Every little change makes your customer service that much better. 

The top gym management software for recreation centers

These gym management software options were made with accessible community fitness in mind. If you want to serve your community better with user-friendly experiences and simple point-of-sales solutions, check out these five incredible options!

ABC Trainerize

ABC Trainerize is simple, easy, and one of the most widely used tools on the market. Designed for personal trainers and fitness studios alike, it’s perfect for recreation centers that deliver a blend of individualized fitness training and group classes. You’ll be able to process signups and take payments, directly through the app—and manage signups. 

Simple logistics are one of the biggest wins here. ABC Trainerize takes the headache out of running a recreation center thanks to our flexible payment options, support for training programs and tracking clients’ progress, member management tools, nutrition plan support, and built-in automations. Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but there really is that much packed into one simple app. We’ll help you deliver modern fitness services, while keeping the process easy-breezy for folks who’re less technically inclined. 

That’s the whole dream for community fitness, right?  

ABC Ignite

Ahhhh, our cousin—we love ‘em. ABC Ignite is another great option from the ABC Fitness suite, and it’s tailored to enterprise-level operations. Where ABC Trainerize is focused on simplicity and small-biz accessibility, ABC Ignite is focused on high-level business growth. 

You’ll find all the same core tools there: membership management, payment processing, and course delivery. The add-on is the focus on multi-center management, marketing operations and client tracking through tools like DataTrak. Reporting is a big thing here, too. ABC Ignite comes with over 35 dashboards and reports available, you can customize your experience and start hitting all your goals with data-driven strategies. 

You can’t go wrong with this or ABC Trainerize—it’s just down to your preferences and goals. (We got you, either way.) 

ABC GymSales

Where ABC Trainerize is for direct gym administration, GymSales is for lead nurturing and management. This is a separate dimension of studio management, but one that’s nonetheless important for community centers that are trying to drive up membership and increase revenue.

ABC GymSales specializes in capturing new customers. You’ll get access to an integrated phone dialer and single-click self-booking that makes it easy for new gym-goers to sign up and get started. This option doesn’t come with all the same membership and class management tools, and that’s okay—sales are important for leading a gym, too.

Think of ABC GymSales as a specialist tool that slots in next to the gym management software you pick to run your studio’s day-to-day operations. Easier sales and easier membership are a killer combo.

Xplor Recreation

Xplor Recreation is geared specifically towards parks and recreation management. Most gym management tools go broad, but this all-in-one system prioritizes self-service options that line up with how many folks use recreation centers. Come in, sign up, work out, then head on your way. 

User-friendly and prioritizing self-service options among gym members and guests, this system wants to bring more simplicity to exceptional public spaces. You’ll find all the key features you need, like membership management, calendar bookings, and payment processing. Some centers that want to deliver more individualized services may find the self-serve focus limiting, but it’s a great option for centers that’re going broad. 


If you’re looking for modern gym management software that’ll free up staff time at your community center, this just might be the one. Gymdesk makes billing and membership management super easy, and it’s designed specifically for gyms and martial arts schools. That flexible approach means it’ll adapt well to coordinating a community center like yours.  

Features-wise, you’re more than covered here. Gymdesk offers a colorful dashboard for easy scheduling, revenue tracking, and member enrollment. You can even track attendance, so you can see who’s showing up to which classes. Overall, Gymdesk’s focus on easy-to-use member tools and customer service will simplify everything for gym-goers in your community.


Mindbody is one of the most popular tools for managing fitness spaces. They’re not one of the cheaper options on the market, but their suite of gym management tools will help you attract attention and organize your delivery of community services.  It comes packed with automated marketing features, revenue management tools, as well as all your regular-degular fitness management tools. 

So if you’re trying to track down new leads and expand your community fitness network, Mindbody is a great choice. You’ll make signing up with your recreation center a surprisingly simple process, and folks will have no trouble finding their first class. (And all the classes beyond that, too.) 

So, what’s next?

Using the best gym management software for your recreation centers can help you provide a world-class fitness experience to the community around you. ABC Trainerize is one of many tools out there on the market, but the flexibility and simplicity of our fitness management tools makes the best solution for community recreation centers like yours. Not to go for the hard sell—it’s just true. 

With our cutting-edge software simplifying your payment processing, membership management, and the relationships between clients and community trainers, you’ll be able to take better care of your community and staff. So when you’re ready for that, we’re right here. 

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