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How New Year's Resolutioners Are Different from Other Personal Training Clients

It’s that time of the year again. If you are a personal trainer that’s been in the industry for a few years, you know exactly what I’m talking about. January rolls around and new personal training clients are everywhere. It’s a time of prosperity for many trainers, but also a time of being totally exhausted from 12-14 hour days.

For those that haven’t experienced a January as a trainer, New Year’s resolution clients are wonderful for building up a client base and stay busy especially after the holidays when you’ve maybe spent a bit more money than you normally do. However, these clients also have their own unique set of challenges that you may want to be prepared for.

Challenge #1: They set huge goals and expect results quickly

Many New Year’s resolution clients are eager to make a big change. A new year, a new you is what they are hoping for.

Having particular goals and being excited about making a change is a great thing for trainers, but it’s important to set realistic expectations and attainable goals with them.

Be sure to break their big goal down into micro goals and actionable steps to reach those goals so that they stay consistent even if after a month or two they don’t see the big results they expected to.

Challenge #2: They sometimes aren’t as motivated in the long-term

For you, fitness is probably one of your top priorities since you’ve made it into your career. Most clients you work with simply won’t be as motivated as you are because they aren’t as passionate about it, which is totally okay.

New Year’s clients are actually usually even more motivated to start because they’ve made a decision to make a change in their life. After a while, it’s easy for life to get in the way. Many New Year’s resolution clients aren’t the clients you’ve seen in the gym consistently for the past year. They are usually the ones that are new to exercise or that took a large break from it, which needs to be managed differently.

After the novelty of getting back into shape wears off or they don’t see the results they expected to, they may be less motivated than ever or try to start canceling or not completing their workouts.

It’s important to keep them coming back so they can make that lasting change that they were hoping for. Encourage them to buy a package bundle so they are committed or set up a rewards system so they have other motivators.

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Challenge #3: They are more difficult to convert into long-term clients

Considering New Year’s clients are more prone to losing motivation since they haven’t been used to making their fitness a priority in the past, they will also be more difficult to keep around long-term.

Your goal with these clients is to make their sessions something they look forward to. This way they can establish a routine and actually enjoy exercise. I always tell clients that it’s not about getting the best workout in every time. The more important thing is doing things that you enjoy so you keep staying active.

Another thing to consider is that if you aren’t getting a particular client excited about their fitness journey, it’s okay to refer them to another trainer or suggest alternative paths to a healthy and active lifestyle because although they won’t be your long-term client, they will be more likely to be a long-term fitness enthusiast and make the lasting change they hoped for.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s all about converting New Year’s clients into active people year round, whether they continue to work with you in the long term or not.

New Year’s clients are unique but they are also like everyone else, where they understandably allow their loved ones and life to get in the way sometimes. However, if you set realistic expectations and small goals to reach the big ones, you’ll be able to help them prioritize their health in a huge way. Whatever you do, just try to get them to enjoy their workout so they want to keep coming back!

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