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Whether it’s because the world is inching toward post-pandemic life, or there’s a wedding coming up, or it’s a new year (so new YOU! 😜), people are always thinking about getting back into shape. That’s why now is always the perfect time to target new customers. And here’s how: automate your free trials.

Free trials are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and value, and they allow potential customers to try out your services before making a serious commitment. And when they’re done right, free trials can yield high conversion rates! You’ll turn potential customers into fierce fitness devotees. When you automate free trials, well, that process is even easier.

Whether you’re flying solo or using the Trainerize Studio plan to oversee a fitness business with multiple locations, we know you’re busy. Fitness professionals are constantly being pulled in different directions: creating content, social media marketing, training clients in-person, maintaining contact with online clients, developing personalized plans and programs—it can feel like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all the tasks you want ticked off your list. And here we are, telling you to add something else to your plate?

Let us walk you through how Trainerize + Zapier can help you automate free trials! It’ll be worth it! You’ll get more online training clients and grow your business in just a few quick steps.

Our handy video tutorial will walk you through the simple process to automating free trials.

We all know that motivation can be fleeting, especially when it comes to fitness. When you automate free trials, you ensure that you’ll never lose out on a potential client because of timing. Just because you can’t connect with them during the window of opportunity doesn’t mean you should lose them! Potential customers can enrol in your programs by simply clicking a link and filling out a form. Your program will automatically arrive in their inbox, and you’ll wow them with your workout routines. All you need to do is follow up after the trial ends (or sometime during) and convert those leads into paying customers!

All this automation allows you to focus on what’s really important—training your clients!

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