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hybrid training new leads

If you’re trying to adapt a hybrid model in your personal training business (and if you’re not, you should!), you want your marketing and lead generation tactics to reflect this in order to attract the right customers. While I’m not a marketing expert, I have learned a few things in my 15 years in business about what has worked best for me to bring in new clients to my fitness studio/online training business.

What is hybrid training?

Let’s start by explaining what a hybrid training model is, so that we’re all on the same page. The hybrid training model combines both in person and online training to give your clients the best of both worlds in their training and accountability. This means they would be coming in to see you for in-person training and would then be following an independent program you provide them with for the days they are not seeing you in person.

hybrid training new leads

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Obviously, this is a great way to attract more clients to your training business as this is a more cost-effective way for people to have the experience of personalized training and a great way to grow your training business.

Generate the right leads for your hybrid business

Ok, so how do we get these hybrid training clients into our business through lead generation?
Here are three things you can do to help with lead generation to build your hybrid training business:

Get seen

Talk about it everywhere! This is so important and so key to letting current clients, social media followers, and everyone know about this service you are offering. Create social media posts highlighting the benefits of hybrid training. The key? Include a direct call-to-action that sends them to a landing page where they can sign up to get more info—giving you a way to market directly to them.

Run ads

Create social media ads geared towards people who either train at home or are interested in personal training but can’t afford to see a trainer 2-3 times per week. This is where you can really cash in on the people who can’t afford personal training but could really benefit from the accountability and program personalization that comes along with hybrid training. Make sure your ads clearly outline the accessibility of hybrid training and the affordability of the pricing.

Show proof

Testimonials are gold! Get written or video testimonials from your successful hybrid clients. Reviews and testimonials are the best form of marketing and lead generation because if people are happy with their results they are more likely to talk about how you helped them reach their goals. Once you have these testimonials, use them! Use them in social media posts, ads, on your website, your newsletter, and even hang them in your studio for all to see!

It may be difficult to transition in-person clients into hybrid clients. They’re used to a certain level of attention, and they clearly have the budget. That’s why it’s essential to gather leads separately for your online services! Nothing beats the connection and motivation between a client and trainer in person—and hybrid makes this option accessible to a lot more people. If you have clients who attend group classes or small group training, these are the clients you might be able to convert into your hybrid personal training! Consider your clients’ and leads’ motivations and offer the right services to the right people.

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