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If you are reading this, I am sure you have already realized that online training is a great way to supplement your training income and also a great way to grow your personal/company brand.  The internet seems to be the way to go for everything these days and all types of business’s are turning to social media to market their services and grow their business.  The key to building a successful online personal training business that can serve client’s all over the world is finding an effective use for social media.  I would not consider myself the most internet savvy person, however, I have managed to build my business quite extensively all through the use of social media and without having to spend a whack of money on marketing!  If you do not yet have a business Facebook page created then GET ON IT! Then be sure to connect this Facebook page to your Trainerize site along with all of your other social media accounts such as Twitter, for example.

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Here are 3 Ways you too can benefit from social media tricks and marketing through the progress of your current clients.

1. Praise your clients through social media

As much as your client’s enjoy the feeling of clothes getting baggier or muscles getting bigger, it’s also a great feeling to get praise from their trainer via social media that they can share with their friends and family.  By writing up a small post singing their praise and tagging your client, not only does this create awareness about your training services and business to all of their friends and family, but it also creates what I call the “jealousy effect”.  This is the typical case of people seeing someone make positive changes in their life which causes others to want the same thing.  Why wouldn’t they contact the person who is getting their friend the results they want? Bada Bing — More $$ for you!

2.  Get loud and visible about progress

Tweeting, “Instagramming”, and creating Facebook posts with before and after pictures or even progress pictures of your clients will help generate interest.  People want to see pictures and they want to see proof that clients are getting results through your program. This also creates that “jealousy effect” and continues to build your reputation amongst other online trainers.

Get your clients to connect their Trainerize account to Facebook and Twitter as well so they can shout you out as they workout!

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3.  Share client messages as testimonials

Re-post any thank-you or check-in emails from your clients to you, with them stating how amazing they feel and how great you are as a trainer (with their permission of course!)  Yes this might be looked at as bragging, but it can also be a great alternative way of posting testimonials to your social media. This will continue to build your reputation as a trainer because other people can then read what current client’s think about your program.  This will build your online following further, resulting in more clients and again more $$$ for you!

Do you have any other suggestions for using social media to market your Trainerize website?

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