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Professional Online Training in a Diluted Market

How Trainerize Helps Build Your Professional Online Training Credibility

Does this sound familiar? You’re on social media and you stumble across some “fitness” guy or girl, who’s in great physical shape, offering “online training”. You investigate their credentials, only to find out this individual has no certification, relevant exercise science degree, or educational background, and is devoid of any professional training experience whatsoever. Yet, here they are selling this exclusive program that will guarantee the physique of their audience’s dreams.

If you’re anything like me, it makes you feel a bit sick to your stomach. Aside from the ethical considerations, where does the credibility of these individuals stand? Simply because they have gotten themselves into good shape, doesn’t mean that they have the ability to implement a successful health and fitness regimen for others. To add insult to injury, many of these programs consist of a basic PDF file with a few pictures of exercises, and a cookie-cutter word document as a “meal plan”. Now, if you’re saying to yourself, “Wait, that’s not too far off from what I currently use for my clients,” then you’re going to want to read the rest of what I have to say!

First, if you’re supplying content to your clients in the first place, then I commend you for going the extra mile in delivering added value to your service. But, what if there was a way to increase your value while simultaneously saving yourself time? That’s exactly where Trainerize comes into play.

Trainerize is designed for the fitness professional looking to better manage their clients’ programs.

We all know the importance of nutrition, but how are we “managing” this important component? With Trainerize, there are various tools and resources available to keep tabs on nutritional habits. Looking for more micromanagement with specific meal planning? No problem, Trainerize syncs with Evolution Nutrition. On the fitness side, the intuitive nature of the software allows for easy exercise programming in a matter of minutes. And, I’m going to be completely honest, it’s FUN! Creating workout programs has never been this easy or enjoyable. Progress pictures, graphs, and body stat components add an additional level of insight to your programs; all in one neat, functional package. Amongst the bountiful perks already described, Trainerize syncs with various fitness trackers, technology, and apps, making for a completely immersive experience for your clients.

There’s never been a more intimate way to provide client success. Whether you’re looking for added value with your in-person clientele, or looking to add credibility in your online training programs, Trainerize is the ultimate tool available to take your training services to the next level.

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