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We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today, Trainerize is openly available to fitness professionals around the world. Visit to create your account, and try it out for your personal training business. We guarantee, you and your clients will love it.

Trainerize is a modern web application allowing personal trainers to manage clients, train clients anywhere by delivering workout plans online and to client’s Smartphones, market their business with a website and through tightly integrated social media tie-ins, and have access to apps and tracking tools which can be branded and customized for their business needs. Rather than letting clients sit idle on days they’re not getting trained in-person, trainers can now complement their service offering with online training, and boost revenues with a solution that’s fit to scale explosive growth.

We began our private beta a year ago, and today hundreds of personal trainers, a few health clubs, and one hospital’s strength & conditioning center, are relying on Trainerize to manage their client’s, their exercise progress, and do some truly great things in the fitness industry. The fitness professionals range from personal trainers who do this part time, to those who run a small training business full time, strength and conditioning coaches, and team coaches. They’ve told us that Trainerize helps them communicate workouts in a concise and effective manner, and being that the market is a competitive one, consumers are looking for ones who stand out.

Think Fitness Studios, a fitness studio in Toronto, is a perfect example. Says their lead trainer: “Trainerize allows us to keep in constant contact with clients without having to be there. Giving workouts in between training sessions with Trainerize ensure that our clients are maximizing their potential and accomplishing their goals”

How Trainerize Works:

Trainerize re-imagines the personal training industry by putting the fundamental unit of client motivation – The Personal Trainer – at the center. Scaling the availability of the personal trainer’s time and ability to deliver workouts, is how to get more clients reach goals, where they see great value in getting training services. With Trainerize you can:

  • Train clients anywhere.  Clients get Online and Smartphone access to your Trainerize site giving them access to their workout plans, ability to track workouts, watch exercise videos, and a messaging engine to communicate with you anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage workouts and clients. Build, schedule, and track workouts for all of your clients. Build templates to save on admin time, or take the time and customize a plan for each individual client.
  • Get a website with social media marketing tie-ins. Get a website, which you can theme and design to your needs. Integrate with Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll virally market your business for you, as your client base simply trains using the platform.

Some of our customers have said they’ve tried many different approaches to offer more training services to their clients, to distinguish themselves from other trainers, but Trainerize is the only that’s stuck.

We think this is why – Our approach is different. The tool is easy to use – We make sure that we test usability for every feature we send out, to ensure that users are not trying to figure out how to use the technology, but instead focus on training where our tool helps make the workouts more efficient. An example of this is how it’s taken us one year to launch from beta. The tool is a holistic solution – Trainers in the beta have helped us realize that to be an effective platform, we need to provide trainers with a training platform, tie-ins with third party apps complementing a training business, and also a way to market the business. We continuously ask for feedback to ensure we’re building what ultimately makes sense for trainers to serve the fitness industry.

Best part of all – Trainerize is free! Trainerize is free for up to two clients. As your business grows as you add more clients, and believe us it will, just grow into the right monthly plan.

We’re excited for this launch today, and looking forward to hearing your feedback. Let’s build something big!

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