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Personal Trainers Have It All – Introducing Trainerize Meal Planning

Trainerize and Meal Planning – Together at Last

We are stoked to announce that we have just released an exciting new feature that enables trainers to deliver a complete health and fitness solution to in-person and online personal training clients.

Personal trainers can now provide meal planning guidance to clients right through Trainerize.  This is one of the most requested features from trainers and we are happy to announce that it’s finally available.


How it works:  With Trainerize Meal Planning, trainers can share pre-built meal plans with clients in seconds. We’ve made this feature available to both trainers and clients by adding a “Meal Planning” section inside Trainerize.

This section is available from the client profile and it’s also visible as a tab on the top Menu Bar. Trainers can start sending meal plans to their clients right away by uploading a meal plan in PDF format. The PDF meal plan will show up on the clients’ dashboard instantly.

The best part? Clients can access and follow meal plans from their Trainerize mobile app, anywhere (yes, including at the grocery store, or at work). The meal plan displays in full view, so clients will be able to scroll, zoom in, print and even save the meal plan to their computers or mobile devices if they wish to do so.

Introducing Meal Planning

Need to make changes?  Should you need to make any changes to the meal plans or replace them, you can switch into your clients’ accounts and upload a new PDF on the fly. The new meal plan will be reflected in your clients’ accounts and on the mobile app instantly.

Get more out of your training services with the new meal planning feature. Boost your services and make even more money from your personal training. With meal planning you can earn a little extra each month from your fitness clients. The great news is that it’s all included with your current Trainerize subscription and you can start experiencing meal planning right away!

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