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How do we, as online trainers, know if our online clients are performing our prescribed interval programs properly?

As trainers, we all know the benefits of performing interval-type workouts for burning calories and maintaining muscle mass. The one question is, how do we, as online trainers, know if our online clients are performing our prescribed interval programs properly? By properly, I mean at the right intensity so that their workouts are effective and will help get them to their goals, and with the proper work time vs. break ratio.

One thing I have found when training clients in person, is that their version of the “intense” part of interval training might not be as intense as I would like them to work. Also I find my clients might not yet have to discipline in their training to only break for the prescribed time, and if not told to get going again, they would probably take a longer break between exercises.

How do we successfully deliver interval workouts as online personal trainers?

We are not there beside our clients to make sure they are not only pushing themselves hard enough during the “intense” or “work” phase of the interval, but to also coach them to only take the prescribed length of break time before starting up again.

There are a few things we can do:

  1. Have them wear a heart rate monitor and prescribe our online training clients desired heart rate zones they should be in during both work and rest phases.
  2. Have them use the built-in interval timer in Trainerize so that they will be cued to start and stop each interval as they go through their workout.
  3. Make sure clients know about the “RPE” scale (rating of perceived exertion), which will help them understand how hard you want them to be working through different phases of their workout.
  4. Explain to clients why you are prescribing interval workouts as part of their program and the importance of both work intensity and rest times. I find if clients understand why they are doing something and how it is going to help them, they are more likely to follow instruction.

What we can do as online trainers is make sure our clients have all the information they need to ensure they are performing their interval workouts properly and most effectively. What works for one client might not work for the other, so provide an arsenal of information and they will choose what works best. One thing I would recommend they all use, is the built-in interval timer in Trainerize, which will help guide them through their workouts, so they don’t even have to think about their interval times and can just follow along on their phones.

I know you might not be prescribing interval-type workouts to all of your online clients, but I hope that these tips help you when coaching those clients needing intervals through their workouts.

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