Business GrowthSales and Marketing Make More Money This Season – Start Holiday Fitness Offers Now

Are you having trouble increasing your online training sales? Or just looking to further increase the exposure of both your in studio and online training?

I have a tip for you: Start creating holiday fitness offers sooner rather than later!

In order to have a really well thought out, progressive, and attractive marketing plan for the holiday season, it’s important to take some time now and think it through. Plan how you are going to attract more clients, decide what angle are you going to take when marketing your services, and ensure your website is set up to really sell to clients who land on your page.

Make More Money This Season - Start Holiday Fitness Offers Now

Lately I have been learning a lot about the power of the landing page. They can be used to get people on your website to explore your services further, or people can just hit the “X” in the top right corner and move on to reading the current page.

You want to make sure that everyone that lands on your website homepage becomes interested in your services and fitness offers. Even if they don’t make a purchase they should at least subscribe to your email newsletter (that way you can market to them later).

The power of your email list is underestimated and you might not be tapping into it’s full potential! These are people who are already interested in fitness which is the reason they signed up in the first place. The key is making sure you stay in their inbox, sometimes with free fitness tips, recipes, and then every few emails send out a “special holiday fitness offers for email list subscribers only” so they feel special to be a part of your exclusive list.

Here are a few more tips to improve your marketing and holiday sales this year:

email1. Create a plan of how often you are going to send emails from now until Christmas. What are the emails going to say? What angle are you going to take with your marketing? You can write up all of your emails for the next two months and pre-schedule them to send, it will only take a few hours and then it is done and you don’t have to worry about it! One thing I have found that works well is making one or two of your emails a simple worded email with your fitness promotions that clients can easily forward on to loved ones. It can say something like this: “I am making your holiday shopping easy this year! I want online training for Christmas and all you have to do is click here to purchase it for me! No wrapping paper, bows, or ribbons needed!” Be sure to make it look fun and attractive and provide links back to your website where they can make the purchase.

testimonial2. Make sure you have testimonials, before and after pictures, and videos discussing how online training really works. One thing I have found is that people who don’t think they are “tech savvy” don’t think they can handle the technology required to do online training, however, I have found that having testimonials discussing this exact topic can help. Have one of your clients who was resistant to it or didn’t think they could handle it write a testimonial about how easy it really is to use Trainerize!

social-media3. Make the most of social media and your website by promoting your services, but don’t be too “salesy”. People can read the difference between good marketing and constantly being sold something, so be careful how you approach your subscribers and clients. If you are not an expert with social media, SEO, or website design, try and hire someone or work out a ‘trade for services’ deal with an expert in those areas.

gift 4. Establish a challenge with a great prize or affiliate type program for current clients who promote your training to others. This will give current clients an incentive to promote your services to their friends and family through social media, email, or word of mouth.

Your clients are obviously using your services because they like it so they will most likely be more than happy to help you spread the word anyway. Offering a little incentive is always a nice thank you.

I hope this helps you get some more sales and online training clients this holiday season!

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