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All You Need to Know About Creating Custom Exercise Videos

Lately we have been getting many questions in relation to creating custom exercise videos for online training:

  • Are personalized videos necessary?
  • What type of equipment is needed?
  • What software is needed to edit/create video?

Have no fear! I am going to give my personal opinion on all of these topics to help you come to your own conclusions about adding personalized video to your Trainerize accounts.

Let me begin by saying, although personalized videos are a great way to add an extra flare to your online training, if you don’t have time to do this initially, Trainerize is loaded with videos that you can use already! I began my online training by filming a lot of custom exercise videos, but then found I just got way to busy to keep up with creating videos for every single exercise I use in my programs–plus, these are changing constantly as I gain new clients of different training goals, and as current clients advance to new exercises, etc.

What’s my strategy?

I have a running list in the notepad of my iPhone of exercises I want to eventually get to filming, and whenever I have free time, I quickly film a few and check them off the list. I have found that my current clients do not mind whether the videos are of me or are the standard videos already loaded in Trainerize; therefore I have decided I would rather spend more time marketing and building solid programs than filming all of my exercise videos at once (just a personal opinion). The key is just doing them a few at a time, perhaps set a goal to get 5 done a week, and continue to build your library.

Now let’s get to your questions:

1. Are Custom Exercise Videos Necessary?

I kind of answered this question in the paragraph above, but this is just my personal experience from doing online training for a few years now. If you are just starting out, do not think that you need to film all of your exercise library prior to taking on training clients, as I stated above, make a list and gradually work on adding new exercises each week.

2. What Type of Equipment is Needed?

It is not necessary when starting out to buy expensive video equipment and software to create your own training videos. It’s possible to create great looking videos with just your smartphone! I have created many great videos with just my smartphone and a small tripod to hold the camera steady (I have also used the PhotoBooth in my MacBook Air). Yes, of course, videos will be higher quality if you use a microphone and a more expensive camera, but again, if you are just starting out, stick to a smartphone to begin.

3. What is the Best Video Editing Software?

There are so many video editing apps out there, but I personally use the iMovie app on my smartphone or on my MacBook Air. This is a free app and is very easy to use (once you get the hang of it!). You can adjust sound, add titles, music, insert images, and upload directly to YouTube from the app. Another great app is called Videoshop (also free), and this will allow you to add video overlay, voiceover, and all the same things you can do with iMovie. I am sure there are many other apps that are free or can be purchased to create great videos, but I would advise not spending a lot of money on editing software when just starting your online training business. Build up your clientele and income, then if you feel the need to become more personalized down the road, go for it!

One Last Time-Saving Tip:

There are many talented people on outsourcing sites (Upwork or Elance) that you can hire to edit your videos and upload to YouTube for you. If you have more money than time, this might be a good option for you. Outsourcing tasks like this (especially if you are not tech-savvy) will save you a lot of time, might get your personalized exercise library growing faster, and will not cost you that much (contractors usually work for a lower rate than larger, professional companies). If you take this route, all you have to do is record your videos and send them over with instructions for editing.

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