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If you haven’t already heard, Trainerize Pay is a must-have for every fitness business. 

Not only does it handle client purchases for both one-time and recurring products: it also turns your programs into products so that you can sell online, tap into new markets, and automate your business processes. It’s the ultimate way to sell your services online and deliver them to clients in seconds.

Now, Trainerize Pay also helps you manage credit card disputes.

What’s a Dispute?

Though it’s a rare occurrence, from time to time, as a business owner selling products and services online, you may find yourself faced with what’s known as a dispute. 

A dispute occurs when a client questions a transaction created using their on-file payment method and contacts their card issuer or bank. As a way of protecting their clients, the bank or card issuer creates a formal dispute, which immediately reverses the payment and pulls the funds back out of your account. 

This money is held in a sort of limbo while you, as the service provider, have a chance to respond to the dispute and submit evidence to make your case that the transaction was valid. 

More often than not, disputes are the result of a misunderstanding or a client not recognizing your business when their purchase appears on their credit card statement, so they’re quick and easy to handle.

How We’re Helping You Navigate the Dispute Resolution Process

To help you properly respond to and navigate the dispute resolution process, we’ve added a new tab to the Trainerize Pay menu where you’ll find all the relevant information about any open disputes and a step-by-step form for submitting evidence and sending your response.

While these situations don’t happen very often, it was our goal with this update to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle any and all disputes that come up and to make the process as smooth and simple as possible so that you can focus your energy on training clients and changing lives. 

Here’s What’s New

  • New Disputes page
  • New dispute notifications on your account overview page
  • A guided dispute resolution form

New in Trainerize Pay: Disputes Page

Quickly access any ongoing disputes or find details about past disputes in the new Disputes tab, added to the Trainerize Pay menu.

New in Trainerize Pay: Dispute Notifications

Know the moment a new dispute has been opened by a client thanks to new notification banners on the main account overview page.

New in Trainerize Pay: Dispute Resolution Process

Respond quickly and easily to disputes by submitting our new in-app dispute response form.
Need more info?

We’ve created a step-by-step article to help you easily navigate the process in case of a dispute. See it here or bookmark this link!


Just one more way we’re making Trainerize, and Trainerize Pay, even more powerful! Stay tuned for more product updates coming up later this Summer. We’ve got plenty of big things in store!

We love to hear from you! We’re always listening to you, our trainers and fitness clubs using Trainerize Pay for their businesses! Tell us what you think about the new features and what else you’d like to see in Trainerize and Trainerize Pay!

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