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People won’t understand how easy it is until you show them.

Here’s how  you can promote and sell more online training with pictures and videos.

These days, it seems that almost everyone is on board with technology. I figured this out when even my parents started following me on Instagram and sending me Tweets instead of calling me! In a “tech-savvy” world you think it would be easy to sell online training, because, well, let’s face it–there are very few times throughout the day when we don’t have our smartphone at our side, right? I know I’m guilty of it.

Promote and Sell More Online Training With Pictures and Videos

 What about the “tech skeptics”?

What about those people who seem to be scared of technology or are almost intimidated by the idea of online training through an app or via a website? Skype calls? Or being trained by someone half-way around the world? How do we convert these people from being scared into at least trying it out?

Bringing these “tech skeptics” over from the dark side is not an easy task, but I’ll tell you what has worked for me:

1. Create a video

The video should show exactly how the app looks, how it works, and examples of what their workouts will look like–including your workout videos. Check out the video I created to promote my online training here:

trainerize personal best app2. Screen shots of the app

Add pictures or post pictures in your social media channels of client progress charts (with their permission, of course) or workouts completed, etc. This could pique the interest of your other followers, because now-a-days no one wants to read anything, you have to grab attention fast with pictures and short captions.  Provide links for people to click through and read if they are interested in more information.

3. Show them in person

If you are trying to up-sell your Trainerize app to current group fitness clients, gym members, or personal training clients, take out your phone and show them exactly how it works.

4. Offer a free trial!

Give them access for one week and provide them with a few pre-made “cookie cutter” workouts that you already have created in your app, to give them an idea of how it can help them. A lot of the time, once they get to actually use it to lead them through a workout, they end up loving it.

I hope these little tips help your marketing plan and continues to help you grow your online training business!

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