Sales and Marketing Sell More Training This Valentine’s Day With These 2 Simple Tips

Another holiday is coming up right around the corner! How about using Valentine’s Day to sell more training, get some more clients and make more money? I have a few tips for you on how to use the “love” holiday to bring more clients into your Trainerize app or sell more services to your current online clients.


Let’s face it, unless they are already using a personal trainer or have a gym membership, a boyfriend or husband would never be able to give their wife or girlfriend a gift of this nature and live to tell about it. This might be a touchy subject, even if it is a gift that is given with good intentions it could still be taken in the wrong context – “so are you calling me fat?” – this would not be a good start to Valentine’s Day, right?

There are 2 simple ways in which you can approach selling more training or exposing more clients to your business this Valentine’s Day!

Tip #1:

Send out an email to all of your already existing clients (in-person & online clients) telling them about some great new video workouts you added to your online training app  that are specifically designed to be done with a significant other in honor of Valentine’s Day! Tell them it’s a great way to help motivate their significant others to get active and then comes the selling part: create a coupon code such as LOVE2015 which gives them 10% off their first month of online training with you if they aren’t already signed up. You could also give your in-person clients free access to your online training app for the Valentine’s Day weekend to try it out, then after the free promotion is over you can send them the coupon code if they want to purchase the training. This is a great way to promote your Trainerize app and get more of your clients to use it and see how great it is.

Tip #2:

Just like we did at Christmas time, advertise your Valentine’s Day gift certificates. I like to create a single email that is titled “I want this for Valentine’s Day” and then in the body of the email I provide information about my gift certificates and a link to where they can be purchased. Then all your clients have to do is forward this email to their significant other and the message has been sent. I did this over Christmas and my clients said it was very effective in them getting training gift certificates for presents.

These are just a few ways you can use this Valentine’s Day to bring in more cash to your business.

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