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Sell Online Training with a New Approach: “Show, Don’t Tell”

I have had many emails from other trainers expressing the difficulty they are finding with selling online training and getting people to sign up for their plans. This can indeed be a very difficult task, because in order to get more clients, you need current clients who are getting results as proof that your system works.

So how do we prove it works without clients to show for it?

I have found that the hardest part is getting someone to sign up in the first place, because once they start using the Trainerize app, they love it and get great results!

There could be many issues as to why you are having this problem such as price point, website SEO, social media marketing, competition, and many more, but I am going to help you with the visual aspect of your website and sale sheets to really give people an idea right way of how easy the Trainerize app is to use.

So how do we convince people of how great the Trainerize system is and get them to hand over the cash in exchange for training?

Show, Don’t Tell = SCREEN SHOTS

convince people of how great the Trainerize system is

Yes, this is a simple technique I have found that will help sell more online training, or at least get more people interested, and then you can use your amazing people skills to lock the potential client in.

Take a few screen shots of what the Trainerize app looks like on your website, when a client downloads it to their phone, and even maybe give a little sample of what a workout might look like. I know Trainerize has these on their website, but if you have made personalized videos to upload into your app, upload a few of these videos so people can really see what their experience training with you online will be like.

Just remember, less writing – more pictures and short videos!

People have short attention spans these days, so keep everything short and add lots of pictures! If you write a long blurb on your website of how great your online training is, it will not be read; however, if you posted some screen shots with little captions displaying what the online training with your company will look like, this will be much more effective.

I hope this helps you sell more online training and make more money as a trainer!

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