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Slow Exercising - The New Way To Train?
As our lives got busier and our agendas filled up with events and appointments, ‘fast method workouts’ seemed to be the best way to deliver maximum results while allowing us to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Well not anymore…

With high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata or 4 and 7-minute workouts, we have been led to believe that we can achieve better results by training at a higher intensity and speed. According to new opinions and current fitness trends, low intensity workouts are stepping up as the latest fitness trend showing us that what’s new can always be replaced with something even newer in fitness.

According to, more and more fitness professionals and consumers are shifting their focus to ‘slow exercise’ such as slow yoga, slow pilates, slow spinning and slow weight training.


At the moment, ‘slow exercises’ and slower tempo routines come out of the necessity to sustain current higher intensity workouts. They have always been present in workout routines either as resting times, or as individual exercises in-between high intensity ones. However, fitness professionals say slow exercises can produce results just as stand-alone exercises do, without necessarily accompanying high-speed or high-intensity ones.

The reason why slow exercising is gaining more and more traction is because it focuses on precise, accurate movements and correct posture.

These provide better, higher impact effects on the body, whereas in high intensity routines, sometimes the focus is on the timer and not on the accuracy and precision of each movement.


Although slow exercising does work and it generates results when it comes to body contouring and definition, the best approach is to never let your body settle with the same exercises. Mixing up slow exercising with faster pace routines is your best bet when creating a healthy habit to lose weight and obtain long term results.

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