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We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kody Anderson, Director of Fitness at SMART Golf & Fitness. Based in Chicago, SMART Golf & Fitness helps players of all abilities to unlock their true potential.  

Their facilities are home to state-of-the-art technology that helps create an unrivalled learning environment – helping players to find their perfect combo of balance, power, speed, and good form.

Reasons for Choosing ABC Trainerize 

Golf is a more physical sport than most people realize, and ABC Trainerize is proud to say we’ve helped streamline the physical aspect of SMART Golf and Fitness’ coaching.

“We were using a separate app that had a lot of functionality for our golf coaches, but it didn’t do anything that the fitness professionals needed…we did a lot of research and tried to find the best of both worlds and Trainerize happened to meet the most amount of requirements we had.”  

Rollout Process for ABC Trainerize 

After making the decision to go with ABC Trainerize for their coaching, the SMART team was able to seamlessly onboard their existing clients on the app. 

“Having them (clients) download the link…everything was basically there for them. There was a little bit of front-end work, but it really isn’t difficult to do – or a barrier to getting people onto it.”

Within a few short weeks, every coach was fully in the groove of using our tech to power their training.  

Advantages of Using ABC Trainerize for Clients 

By powering its coaching with ABC Trainerize, not only can SMART Golf provide clients with both the technical coaching and the physical fitness training they need – they can also easily communicate with clients to keep them fully engaged.  

All of this in one, easy-to-use app!  

  • Client communication: SMART Golf trainers can easily communicate with their clients using the app, and also have the option to use group messaging to speak to multiple clients at once.
  • Uploading custom videos: The team has uploaded “hundreds of videos”, including both golf drills and golf-specific exercises.
  • Fitness programming: ABC Trainerize has a comprehensive library of exercises which SMART Golf trainers have been able to use with their clients. 

Using ABC Trainerize to Sell More Coaching 

Not only does using ABC Trainerize help SMART Golf deliver its coaching services, it has also enabled the company to diversify its income streams by creating an online store.  

“You can go on and buy those programs. We have a 30-day swing speed program…we have a couple of other ones that are for certain age levels, certain levels of fitness, that are up there for people to purchase.”  

Skill development is a huge part of golf, and SMART Golf can easily help clients with their game no matter where they are in the world with these online programs.

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