Coach Cody’s Fitness Business Runs Smoothly With Trainerize

Cody Harman, or Coach Cody as he’s known online, is a NASM-certified personal trainer, a trained chef, and a bodybuilder. He loves food, health, and fitness… and especially loves helping others with all of the above.

On Instagram and Youtube, Coach Cody shares his experience as a trans man. His transparency about his transition, bodybuilding efforts, and surgery updates have earned him a community of over 50,000 followers. This community is a testament to the efforts he’s put into his career, his education, and his advocacy for the trans community. But he’s not done yet. 

“Make sure your clients know you support them…let them know that it’s a safe space and you accept them.”

The LGBTQ+ community has been Cody’s niche, which he wants to maintain. But, he wants to expand beyond it as well. “I have women clients, and trans clients, but no [cis] male clients,” says Cody. That’s his next goal. (Editor’s note: Cody has since accomplished this goal, but is still keen to add new clients to his roster! Talk about goal-motivated.) Cody works to break down this barrier from all angles, and offered some advice to other trainers. Make sure your clients know you support them.

“If you’re a LGBTQ+ trainer, [LGBTQ+ clients] will probably relate to you more quickly, but if you’re not in the community, then let them know that it’s a safe space and you accept them. I think that’s really important to anyone in the [LGBTQ+] community.” 

Why Trainerize?

Online training

“The app allows me to provide clients access to me,” says Cody. “I do online training, so I needed the right tool.” His client base spans the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe! With Trainerize, he’s able to treat his local and international clients with the same care and attention. Cody uses Trainerize as a key communication channel. It’s also where he finds new clients and promotes stability in trainer/trainee relationships. He updates the app with his availability so his clients understand when they have access to him, and to simplify scheduling. 

Client accessibility

Many of Coach Cody’s clients are new to fitness. He has not only created a positive and supportive community on Instagram and Youtube, but he also provides a fitness opportunity for beginners. They may not have a lot of knowledge on exercises or techniques, but can start with the basics. Cody provide accessibility to his programs through Trainerize, in a way that could never be achieved with in-person training.

Simplified payments

“Using Trainerize Pay made [payments] so easy, so much more straightforward,” says Cody. With Trainerize Pay, there’s a simplified system tracking incoming and outgoing funds. “It’s an easy way for me to know where I’m at, financially.” Cody’s time is valuable—he’s got 45 active clients right nowand he wants to spend it on training, not on billing. 


“I’m juggling a lot of clients,” says Cody, so having the right tools is essential to the success of his fitness business. “Trainerize is a huge help in managing all of those clients.” Cody uses mass messages and repurposes videos to support all of his clients. He’s also a fan of check-ins and scheduling through the app. 

So what’s next for Coach Cody? Building his business! He plans to get back into bodybuilding eventually, but for now, he’s got his hands full with his training efforts. “It’s been a couple years since I’ve competed but I plan on competing again in the future. I would love to train other bodybuilders in the future too! Maybe once I have more training experience under my belt.” Seems accurate for someone who’s so passionate about sharing his own experiences to help others.