How TriCore Wellness Adopted Trainerize To Scale Their Corporate Wellness Business

TriCore Wellness Founder Chris Edwards

For fitness professionals, it can be difficult to find the free time to focus on your business growth or to enjoy your downtime. A lot of this is down to believing that unless you’re actively training clients, you aren’t getting paid. This mentality makes it almost impossible to clear up time to relax, strategize and grow your business.  

TriCore Wellness founder Chris Edwards knew that it didn’t have to be like this. When Chris began looking for ways to keep revenue flowing while training clients—all while enjoying a better work-life balance—he discovered Trainerize. 

“If I didn’t work, I didn’t eat. I had to find a solution that allowed me to have a membership service so that I was able to generate revenue year-round, no matter what. With Trainerize, I was able to scale my services, develop a membership model and maintain my level of income, or possibly even make more.”   

TriCore Wellness specializes in online and hybrid wellness solutions for professionals and businesses. Using Trainerize’s software, TriCore Wellness built a leading corporate wellness business.

In fact, since building their business with Trainerize, TriCore Wellness has grown 30-40% year over year!

Chris and his team have developed a winning strategy with a custom app where they can better connect with their clients to create accountability, build a community within each company, and train their clients holistically. 

“We have serviced thousands of people worldwide using this platform, and ultimately, this is the centerpiece to our business. It holds our fitness, nutrition and recovery programming all in one place. It allows us to deliver these services worldwide.”  

Interested to see how it’s done? Watch and listen as Chris reveals the principles and features his business has used to grow from strength to strength. 

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