Business ManagementClients and Members Strengthen Trainer-Client Relationships by Maintaining a Personal Touch!

One important thing to focus on when you are training client’s online is to make them feel special, just as if they are seeing you face to face on a regular basis. You want to avoid clients feeling just like another number in your client pool.

Strengthen Trainer-Client Relationships by Maintaining a Personal Touch!

Trainerize has made our lives as trainers much easier by allowing us to copy workout programs from one client to the next; however, if you are not careful this could come back and bite you in the butt and cause problems in your trainer-client relationships.

Many clients will fill out in their initial consultation form (and you will learn in further detail as your relationship grows) the equipment they have available, the days they are able to perform their workouts, exercises they have trouble with, injuries, and other little pieces of information, however, when you begin training multiple client’s at a time some of this information might slip your mind.

A prime example would be if you are wanting to save a little time and copy a workout program from one client to the next, then have your client message you something like this “I told you my gym doesn’t have squat rack, why did you put barbell squats in my program again?” Just an example, but this could happen if you don’t make sure to double check all details of each client. A situation like this could be the difference between a happy recurring client and a client cancellation because they feel neglected.

Here are 3 Tips to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes When Copying Client Programs:

1. Go ahead and copy a program, but be sure to go back and edit

If I have two client’s who are similar fitness levels with similar fitness goals I will go ahead and copy a program design from one client to the next, however, I am always sure to go back into each client and edit the program to suit each client specifically.  That might mean editing a few of the exercises to fit each client or changing up workout days to make sure I am keeping each client program specific to fit their needs.

2. Use the “Trainer Notes” section of each client’s profile

Trainerize has given us a great tool here in each client’s profile to quickly type up some specific notes to remember about each client.  Your client will not be able to see this so you can type whatever you want as quick notes or reminders to reference back too.  I use this section to put pointers that I learn from the consultation (or through assessments) about injuries, equipment available, desired workout days etc. that I want to remember and can quickly refer back to as I am renewing the client’s program to avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

3. Keep a note pad near your computer

This is another option you can use in combination with with the “trainer notes” section in your Trainerize website.  I keep a note pad by my computer and each client get’s a page for me to quickly refer to when I am sitting down creating programs and responding to messages.  I find I like this method as I can then keep my client’s program screen open on my computer and quickly glance at my notes at the same time.

So definitely use the great copying features you get from Trainerize, but make sure to go in and personalize their experience!

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