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Big news: our CEO Sharad Mohan has been appointed to the Board of Directors at the Fitness Industry Technology Council.

The council, also known as FIT-C, is a non-profit organization made up of individuals from leading organizations within the fitness industry. They work to progress the industry through improvements to user experience and data collection, as well as through standardization of technology-based fitness tools. Sounds ideal for Trainerize, right?

As Trainerize works to make fitness accessible to everyone, FIT-C is working to optimize how technology is used within the fitness industry. It’s an ideal opportunity for Trainerize to be involved in shaping the future of fitness, while ensuring standards are met across the board for fitness tech. For example, innovation is a top priority for Trainerize, and with Sharad on the FIT-C board, he’ll be working to improve the overall user experience for both fitness clubs members and trainers alike in a safe, strategic manner.

“I am extremely honored and excited to join the Fitness Industry Technology Council Board. At Trainerize we are connected to a greater mission to change people’s behaviors by connecting them to a fitness coach through the power of technology.

sharad-mohan-fit-c-council“It’s key for us to be involved in the trends and advancements that are shaping the rapidly-moving fitness industry, and drive digital transformation and innovation across various areas specifically related to technology, wearables and fitness trackers,” said Sharad. “Working together with FIT-C board industry leaders will empower us to find new ways to serve the digitally savvy consumers by connecting them to services and contextual offerings to fit their needs.”

Sharad will join five other board members, including president Bryan O’Rourke, Kelly Card of ABC Financial, Ted Vickey of FitWell, John Ford of eGym, and Craig Miller of Planet Fitness.

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