Press And Announcements Trainerize CEO, Sharad Mohan Talks Digital Fitness Trends on the FIT-C Fitness + Technology Podcast

Trainerize CEO, Sharad Mohan talks digital fitness trends on the FIT-C Fitness and Technology Podcast

Curious to hear what the CEO of a leading fitness technology company has to say about the future of digital fitness?

No need to imagine! Listen to Trainerize CEO, Sharad Mohan as he sits down with Bryan O’Rourke, host of the FIT-C FItness + Technology podcast to talk about where the industry is headed and how technology and digital fitness trends are taking it there.

“Habits, movement, nutrition, and communication: these four aspects, enhanced by technology, allow people to live better lives, and the more personalized and contextualized that can be, the better off everyone is going to be.”

The FIT-C Fitness and Technology Podcast With Special Guest, Sharad Mohan: Training In The New Era of Fitness

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