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Trainerize Features I Love: Messaging, Video, and the Custom Branded App

Features I Love is a blog series where trainers share their favorite Trainerize features—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Are you making the most of all the amazing features that Trainerize has to offer? Trainerize offers hundreds of different features, add-ons, and opportunities to customize your coaching experience, so it’s understandable that there may be some that you’re unaware of!

Today, I’m sharing three of my favorite Trainerize features that have helped me to grow my business, build client engagement, and improve the customer experience.

Automated Messaging

I’ll be honest, when I first started using Trainerize I didn’t even know that this feature existed. I was sending individual messages to every single client, throughout the entire day—which was incredibly time-consuming! As my client load continued to grow, I realized how unsustainable this approach was becoming. One day, I was browsing the Trainerize app, and I saw an auto message for my client’s birthday pop up. Immediately (after wishing my client a happy birthday!), I began looking into this feature.

After learning how quickly I could set up automated messages, I began utilizing this feature with every one of my clients. I automate weekly check-in messages, send the same message to a group of clients with a personalized feature, and automate continuing body progress pictures and stats. This feature is an absolute life saver, especially for a fitness professional who lives and breathes the mantra “work smarter, not harder”. Automated messages are the perfect way to keep clients engaged, even from afar.

Pro Tip: When sending out a “blast” message, use the auto field to personalize the message with your client’s name in the header.

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On-Demand Classes

Have you ever worried that your YouTube-posted videos may be copied and viewed by people who aren’t your paying clients? Even though you have set your YouTube video as “unlisted”, the link can still be shareable. Having said that, my second favorite feature on Trainerize is the On-Demand feature.

By uploading your videos directly to Trainerize, you have a paywall to ensure security and protect your videos from piracy. In addition to my one-on-one online training, I’ve created an entire library of my On-Demand classes, which I packaged into a monthly service—a wonderful addition to my training options.

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Custom Branded App

Like a superset at the end of a workout, I’ve saved the best for last. Trainerize’s custom branding feature is my absolute favorite feature on this entire platform. My clients rave about my custom branded app, saying things like “Michelle, I can’t believe you have your own app!” or “I love how much the app reflects your business theme!”… my theme being all things pink, powerful, and girl power, that is!

The ability for Trainerize to take my brand and apply it through the App Store has added a professional touch to my business. When clients first log into my app, they don’t see that my app is actually powered by Trainerize; they see my logo, color scheme, and personal business elements all reflected with my own customizations. Have you ever researched how much a custom app is to make? Well I have, and it costs thousands of dollars for the bare minimum! Take advantage of this inexpensive feature to bring your brand to the next level.

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