Product and CompanyProduct Releases Trainerize and MyFitnessPal – Turn Nutrition Stats Into Lifestyle Changes

Trainerize and MyFitnessPal - Turn Nutrition Stats Into Lifestyle Changes

We are delighted to announce that Trainerize now connects to MyFitnessPal, the world’s most advanced and comprehensive calorie tracker app! One of our all-time most requested features is finally here and it will empower fitness and nutrition professionals to provide better nutrition guidance to clients by using the MyFitnessPal integration in Trainerize.

With access to valuable micro and macro level nutrition tracking data, the new MyFitnessPal integration will allow fitness and nutrition professionals to gain a stronger understanding of their clients’ health and provide enhanced nutritional guidance. Both trainers and clients will get access to a brand new nutrition dashboard that is going to make it very easy to see and evaluate their training and nutrition metrics in one platform for the first time.

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Medical studies show that keeping a food journal and logging meals can double a person’s weight loss! That means more results for your clients with your professional guidance.

By getting access to both MyFitnessPal and Trainerize workout stats, fitness professionals will be able to create highly personalized workout programs and meal plans that fit their lifestyles while holding them more accountable and keeping them motivated. With the new integration, trainers can now track what their clients are eating and understand how their diet is affecting their progress.

Additionally, trainers can send motivational messages and tailored workout programs that complement their clients’ eating habits based on the feedback from both platforms.


DAILY GOALS NOW IN CLIENTS’ PLANS AND CALENDARS. Every meal tracked by your clients syncs in their daily calendar. View daily macro and micro stats and keep track of how they are making progress towards their goals. Both trainers and clients can see tracked meals in the Calendar view and can keep track of their goals in the “Plans” view.

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ADD A MEAL. We’ve added a way for clients to quickly log a meal from the “Add to today” bubble menu. “Meals” will open the MyFitnessPal app for clients to start recording their food intake.

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SET NUTRITION GOALS. We’ve added the option for trainers to set macro and micro goals for clients in the “Meal Plan” tab. Nutrition goals are connected to both custom meal plans and Evolution Nutrition meal plans. After adding a meal plan you now get the option to setup and adjust the nutrition goals you want your clients to follow. Viewing how they fulfill their goals will get you a better understanding of what changes they need to make to their eating habits and where you’ll have the most impact.



Client profiles now include comprehensive nutrition stats in one place. Check up on your clients’ tracked macros and calories at a glance, by viewing daily and 4-week stats.

If you want to analyze the data further, switch to the calendar tab and take a look at individual nutrition stats.


THE NUTRITION MACRO WHEEL. As your clients track their food intake in MyFitnessPal, you’ll be able to see and understand their body composition. Macro statistics such as Protein, Carbs and Fat percentages will show you if your clients are hitting their nutrition goals. Tap on any daily metrics and open up the macro wheel with all the nutritional details for the day. This is a great opportunity to engage with clients who are not drifting away from their set goals by sending them messages at the right time.



ALL YOUR CLIENTS’ NUTRITION, IN ONE SIMPLE VIEW. There is a new tab in your Trainerize web app which allows you to easier track and analyze how your clients are progressing towards their goals. You’ll be able to see both current and past week stats and get in touch easily if you see them missing their goals. Now you can get your clients more engaged to using the Trainerize app by sending them reminders to commit to eating healthy during their week.


EASY FOR CLIENTS TO CONNECT. Your clients can start tracking their meals in Trainerize by connecting to MyFitnessPal in a few quick steps.

We hope you’ll make the most of the new nutrition tracking features in Trainerize and start using them with your clients. Let your clients know to connect their MyFitnessPal app!

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