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TwoBrain Business Ranks Trainerize Best Fitness Coaching Software Platform

Two-Brain Business has named Trainerize their first choice for fitness coaching software! Trainerize was ranked above SugarWOD,, CrossFit btwb, and several other industry leaders.

The team at Two-Brain judged the seven platforms on five key categories and awarded a score out of ten for each. Then, they combined the five scores for a total score out of 50 to identify how they ranked each fitness coaching software. In the end, Trainerize received 35/50, the highest of the seven platforms, and was therefore ranked #1.

The categories used by Two-Brain to rank the apps included:


Trainerize scored consistently across all categories! The Two-Brain team especially liked our reporting functionality, awarding us an 8/10 in the category. “Reports are available for workouts, nutrition, weight, and sessions, and Trainerize allows you to send automated messages based on the reports.” Yeah, we do! (Note that no scores of 9 or 10 were awarded… tough critics!)

The team at Two-Brain committed a significant amount of time and resources to conducting this study of top fitness coaching softwares—and we’re proud to have come out on top! Their primary goal is to support club owners and fitness professionals in finding the right tools for their businesses, which we appreciate. We want our trainers and club owners to choose the right tools too!

But the team at Two-Brain have another outcome in mind: to provide organizations like Trainerize with goals to work towards as they improve their products.

With innovation named one of our top priorities, and lots of exciting new features on the way, we feel pretty confident that we’ll be able to hold that top spot next year, and the year after, and the year after that. (You get the idea!)

Hey, Two-Brain! Challenge accepted.

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