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Trainerize Update | One-Way Messaging is Here + More Ways to Run a High-Volume Business

Fitness professionals always dream big. It’s in your DNA. You push limits, break barriers, and send ripples of change everywhere you go.

Lucky for us, here at Trainerize, we get a front-row seat to watch you conquer the fitness industry and change the lives of countless clients every. single. day.

What we’ve been seeing is more and more businesses growing at exponential rates—expanding from solopreneur setups to brick and mortar locations staffed by expert teams; many reaching franchise or multi-location levels of success.

Inspired by your growth, we’ve done some expanding of our own, and today are excited to introduce a more powerful way for Trainerize users to manage multi-location clubs and fitness enterprises.

With new and enhanced functionality, we’re enabling businesses who run on Trainerize to streamline their organization; easily manage all their locations, staff, and members; and take full control over their business as they scale up.

Many of these improvements also help smaller businesses and independent personal trainers who are looking for ways to easily manage more and more clients, or who are still in the early stages of growth but (no doubt) have big plans for what’s to come. #DreamBig

As always, this update was 100% inspired by you, so we want to thank you for your ongoing feedback as we continue to shape Trainerize into a more powerful platform that will support your business at every stage and fit your needs as you grow!

What’s new?


In today’s busy fitness clubs and gyms, trainers and managers wear a lot of different hats and often work at more than one facility. To accommodate these flexible roles, it’s now possible to assign both managers and trainers to multiple locations in Trainerize.

Redesigned Trainer Page

To complement this change, we’ve updated the trainer page. The new design makes it easier to quickly see all the locations Trainers have been assigned to, their roles, the number of clients assigned to them, and the last time they were active in Trainerize.

New Trainer Profile Dialog

We’ve also added a new screen to the app to help managers, admins, and owners manage trainer roles quickly without having to navigate deep into their account settings. Now, when a trainer’s name is clicked in the trainer grid, a profile will appear with all the relevant information for that trainer. From this profile, managers, admins, and owners can edit the trainer’s details, change their role, or assign them to new locations.


To help keep your clients and trainers neatly organized, now all clients have a “home gym” while all trainers have “assigned locations”.

Whenever a client is added to Trainerize, they’ll be assigned to a specific location marked as their “home gym”. Trainers will also be assigned one (or more locations) at the time that they’re added. For businesses without any brick and mortar locations, their trainers and clients will have their home location marked as “online”.

This small change makes our trainer and client filters even more powerful, helping you find exactly who you’re looking for faster than ever. It also allows you to assess which of your locations might be working with a heavier client load.


Do those little red notification counters stress you out? Us too! That’s what we’ve changed the way notifications work for groups. Now, only direct mentions will be tallied and displayed in the notification badge. For all other messages, you’ll just see a solid red badge, indicating that there is at least one unread message.



On any given day, trainers can receive countless messages from clients—and as their client numbers grow, so does the number of messages! Stop the inbox overload by only allowing certain clients to message you.

With new messaging options, trainers can choose between one-way or two-way messaging permissions for each client. Two-way is the standard messaging format you’re used to where both trainers and clients can message each other, but one-way restricts communication so that only trainers can message their clients—not the other way around. You can still reach out with important info, upsell services, or motivate your clients, but you won’t be flooded with questions or responses. (Note that, clients with one-way messaging will still be able to send and respond to messages within groups.)

This is perfect for trainers who want to offer low-touch/high-volume programs (think Kayla Itsines or Kelsey Wells style), sell programs en masse via social media, or offer free trial or demo programs.

Just one more way we’re giving you the power to build the programs you want and offer services that fit your business model.


To help you train more clients faster, we’re working on a series of pre-made workout and program templates that can you can access straight from the Trainerize web app and quickly edit and customize as your own! Stay tuned for our next release!


For large fitness business and fitness enterprise chains that use an external CRM system or the MindBody add-on to sync their clients into Trainerize, we’re adding features to help you lock down the addition or editing of clients and trainers.

These features offer more control and customization over your team and your client records. At the moment this feature is limited to large enterprises, but if you need this in your business, reach out to us and we can enable it for you.



Of course, we couldn’t release an upgrade without also making some general improvements and getting rid of some pesky bugs.

Tag Pending and Archived Clients

See exactly where your clients are coming from, track their progress through your marketing funnel, or mark down important details with custom tags—now available for pending and archived clients.

Reactivating Archived Clients

We’ve made reactivating archived clients even easier by letting you modify client permissions when you reactivate them. With just the click of a button, you’ll be able to move the client to your active clients list, set their home location, modify their app access permissions, and change their messaging options.

Better Client Filters

We’ve also updated client filters to make browsing through clients faster and more flexible. On the clients page, trainers can now search for clients by adding or removing various filters and refining their search criteria.

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