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ABC Trainerize App Performance Enhancements

We’ve got some exciting news to share! At ABC Trainerize, we strive to deliver the best possible app experience for you and your clients. That’s why, after a busy season of launching new features in the first part of the year, we’re now dedicating our time to improving and optimizing the existing functionality you rely on. We heard you – we want you to love the app experience. That is our north star for the next little while. 

Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been working diligently to resolve the issues you’ve reported. We’re excited to share that some significant improvements have already been made. 

Our team has been hard at work, tackling those pesky bugs, glitches, and slowdowns that were causing headaches. The result? A smoother, faster, and more reliable app experience that we’re eager for you to explore. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the latest performance enhancements! 

Improved Reliability for Auto-Messages 

We understand the importance of staying connected with your clients on their fitness journey. That’s why we’ve made improvements to pre-scheduled auto-messages by upgrading our systems to better deal with the overloading that caused some auto-messages to be missed. Your auto-messages should now send more reliably to help keep your clients motivated throughout their fitness journey. 


Press Play on YouTube Videos on Android 

Good news for Android users! We’ve fixed the issue of being unable to play YouTube videos on Android devices. Your clients can now seamlessly resume their fitness regime by hitting play and following along with your YouTube videos within the app. No more interruptions or delays when accessing your curated video content, making their workout experience even more seamless and enjoyable.   


Enhanced Workout Experience 

We’ve fine-tuned your clients’ workout experience by resolving various bugs like stats not saving when completing regular workouts and fixed some crashes when completing a circuit workout. The result? More glitch-free workout sessions that help your clients stay on track toward their goals. Stay tuned as more workout related fixes will also be coming. 



Better Insights Thanks to Improved Apple Health Data Syncing 

Accurate data is crucial for tracking progress. We’ve enhanced Apple Health data syncing to ensure that your clients’ health data is accurately transferred, providing you with a more comprehensive view of their holistic health. This improvement enables you to make data-driven decisions and tailor fitness plans to your clients’ specific needs, enhancing their overall well-being. 

Smoother Android Messenger Experience 

Previously, Android users may have experienced crashes while messaging their coach. We’ve optimized the messenger for Android, delivering a seamless, uninterrupted app experience. Now, your clients can communicate with you effortlessly, fostering a stronger coach-client relationship and ensuring they receive the support and guidance they need. 

Hit Submit on your Pro Custom Branded App Assets

You can now effortlessly upload your assets to the Pro Custom Branded App Publisher, bringing you one step closer to creating a customized, branded app experience that perfectly aligns with your unique brand identity. This feature empowers you to craft a fitness environment that reflects your brand’s personality, enhancing your clients’ overall experience and reinforcing your brand presence. 


Lightning-Fast Performance 

We’ve tackled numerous app slowdowns, battery heat-ups, and glitches! We’ve done this by overhauling our app’s engine and database to deliver lightning-fast performance. This means you and your clients can focus on crushing your fitness goals without interruption. Whether your clients are tracking progress, accessing workouts, or you’re engaging with clients as a trainer, our app’s responsiveness will elevate every aspect of your experience. 

What’s Next? 

But we’re not stopping here! We’re committed to continually enhancing your experience. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on our radar: 

✨ Adding Body Weight and Body Fat Data to our Apple Health Sync 

We’re currently working on integrating body weight and body fat data seamlessly into our Apple Health integration. This will provide you with a more comprehensive view of your clients’ overall well-being. By tracking their body weight and body fat overtime, you’ll be better equipped to optimize their fitness routines and promote healthier lifestyles. 

✨ Prioritizing improvements for our MyFitnessPal Integration 

Our team is diving deep into research to see how we can further enhance our data sync integration with MyFitnessPal in the future. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a more reliable way for your clients to track their meals, consider switching them over to our in-app full meal tracker.     

Let us know what you think?  

As always, we’re always listening to you—our amazing #TZtrainers. We love using your ideas and feedback to help make Trainerize the best app possible for your fitness business. 

If you or your clients encounter any performance issues or have suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team If you have other features you’d like to see added, submit an idea or vote for your favorites in our ideas forum! 

We can’t wait for you to experience the app’s improvements firsthand. Discover the enhancements and elevate your fitness journey – see you in the app! 

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