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The business of personal training is a very interesting one; the relationship between client and trainer is a large determining factor in keeping long term clients as well as ensuring client success.  Clients need to feel a connection with a trainer to really buy in to their ideas, theories, and exercise program. Getting to know your clients or letting prospective clients get to know your personality is quite easy in a gym setting or group fitness studio setting.

Even if it means someone is watching you train one of your clients in a gym, they could become prospective paying clients because they can get a feel for your personality and like the way you treat your clients.

This connection is harder to create through online training because you are not face to face with clients, and prospective online clients are not (normally) witnessing you train clients first hand.  This is why using your website (as well as social media and YouTube) is very important to get your personality out there for future client’s to see.  Below I’m going to give you some tips on how to use your Trainerize website to help sell both your personality and your services.

Warning: there is a fine line between showing your passion or leading by example, and just using your website as a forum to post pictures of yourself spray tanned, greased up and flexing! Remember, you are still trying to sell your services, not looking for a date or modelling contract!

3 Ways to Use Your Trainerize Website to Sell Your Personality Without Going Too Far:

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1. Highlight Reel or Personal Interview:

Videos are the best way to really get your personality across to people who are not able to meet you face to face.  Posting a little video underneath your bio of you talking directly to your prospective clients is a great way to get their attention and begin the process of having them “buy in” to your training and philosophies.  It doesn’t have to be a long video, just a little clip of you explaining how you can help them reach their fitness goals and maybe some fun facts about yourself.  You could also add a few clips of you training yourself or of you training clients so people get to see you practice what you preach!

2. Make your Bio More Personal

This means making your trainer bio sound more like you actually wrote it and try to let your personality shine through.  The majority of trainer’s just list all of their credentials (to make them sound smart) and then the basic fact filled biography including same old facts like: where they went to school, what sports they grew up playing, how long they have been in the personal training business etc. What if you told a funny story about an experience you had back when you started working out (before you were as educated as you are now) and how this lead you towards a career in helping others get fit.  (note: this is just an idea!) Make your bio worth reading so that once a prospective client has finished reading it, they will have a good idea of not only your history, education level, and experience; but also your personality and passion for what you do.

3. Use Yourself as the Model in Exercise Videos and Show a Few Previews:

Even though your prospective client’s wont be able to get access to these videos until they are paying clients, why not put a sample of a few of your exercise videos on your website.  This will give prospects an idea of what they will be paying for if they sign up for your service and also can get an idea of your training style.

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