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For many people, the idea of working out with a personal trainer sounds ideal. Access to customized programming, expert coaching, and encouragement through every set. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to spend on working with a trainer one-on-one. Personal trainers also have a limited number of hours available for individual clients, and need to price their services accordingly, meaning these sessions can get pricey over time.

Enter online personal training. These days, more trainers than ever are offering their services through online training platforms like ours. Trainerize allows personal trainers to create customized fitness programs, process payments, track clients’ progress, and engage with them on a more consistent basis. All this automation also frees up time for trainers to build their brand and scale their business.

Check out this video for more info on what exactly online training is, and why it’s blowing up in a big way.

Why is online training a good option for trainers?

Online personal training is more efficient than in-person training; trainers can sell customized or preformatted programs, upload examples of each exercise to a Master Workout library, and automate notifications to clients.

Trainerize allows online personal trainers to train more clients in less time, while increasing their revenue. It’s a win-win.

Why is online personal training a good option for clients?

Online personal training is the perfect option for clients who have a busy lifestyle (i.e. everyone). Clients can work out whenever they choose! And, they still get the benefit of a structured program and personal support from a coach.

With Trainerize’s easy-to-use interface, online training is a great option for clients of all ages. Yes, even those who may describe themselves as “technologically-challenged”!

Online personal training is also a more affordable option, as many trainers offer a variety of packages and services that can often be modified to suit any budget. Shifting workouts online is also a great option for clients who live in remote areas, and those who are looking for a coach with specific expertise or within a specific niche. Clients can browse tons of online trainer profiles on, too!

Finally, as we all learned during 2020, sometimes your only option is to work out from home. With Trainerize, clients can connect to trainers online! These trainers offer everything from recorded one-one-one workout sessions, to live group fitness classes, to online programs with video tutorials. Plus, everything can all be completed from the comfort of their homes. With all this flexibility, it’s no surprise that clients who connect with an online personal trainer are 3x more likely to stick to their fitness goals.

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