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How to Re-Engage Your Online Training Clients

I get it, during this pandemic the world has had to make fast adjustments. One of those adjustments was the urgency to transition many facets of life to online platforms. From virtual doctor’s appointments, to virtual grocery shopping, virtual learning for kids, and our very own online training programs.

You may notice your clients and yourself getting a bit burnt out from the whole online platform and having to use your phone for literally everything! Yet again, what an amazing time to be alive where we can still have a fully functioning training business right online! (Thanks Trainerize!)

And even as vaccines roll out and restrictions ease, we still need to combat this fitness fatigue and re-engage both yourself and your clients. This means you can continue working on your business and your clients can continue reaching their health and fitness goals.

Here are a few tips on how, while still developing that very personal client-trainer relationship, to normalize online relationships.

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1. Schedule a video call

Your clients probably miss seeing your face!  Don’t let them think for one minute that your online services or closed facilities are going to compromise your client-trainer relationship!

It’s such an intimate health journey they are embarking on with you and they need to feel your full attention and trust. In order to show them you’re still there for them, it’s important to get that face time in. What a great way to communicate and to see each other in order to catch up as well as to normalize this new online relationship.

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TZ Tip: Utilize the TZ video call feature and schedule a video chat. This call can be a coaching session in which you talk about their program or perhaps a support session where they ask questions and communicate what they need more help with. Or, you can even switch out an online workout to a virtual training session! Your client will absolutely love this as they actually get to see you and know you’re not just abandoning them because you recently had to transfer your programs online.

2. Set up a challenge—with prizes!

Setting up challenges can be really motivating at first with your clients. But, then, they start to fall off and lose motivation. Through trial and error on my end, I’ve realized that my clients are so much more engaged when there’s a prize or reward they are working towards rather than just any old “30-Day Jumpstart Challenge.” I encourage you to try the same within your online platform!

First, the challenge will build more of a sense of community within your online platform as your clients all work towards the same goal. Secondly, you’ll see better client retention for workouts and the overall challenge itself with the newly-sparked motivation.

TZ Tip: Create a challenge with check-ins. For example, try a 30 day accountability challenge in which your clients must check in for their weekly workouts and check off a daily water intake goal and a daily step goal. Keep a tally board to add up points for these tasks at the end of each week for 30 days. After the 30 days are completed, take the top three and give out a prize. They will be so much more amped and motivated to re-engage in their programs as well as re-up after their program is over.

3. Schedule a group virtual class

This one might take a little more planning but is a wonderful blend between the first two recommendations listed above. What a wonderful way to both see your clients and for your clients to see one another. Not only are you building a sense of community but you’re able to physically watch and participate in a class together. Offer this as a fun way to re-engage your online clients and to assure them that you’re still there looking out for their best interests!

TZ tip: Create an event on your social media platform. Make sure all of your current online clients are aware of this event happening! I would recommend giving your clients about two weeks notice before this event. Make it fun! You can even invite non-client guests so that they can learn about you and your style of coaching in order to convert them to a one-on-one online training client!

During these times make sure you’re getting as creative as you can to prevent this online burnout and in order to keep things exciting and fun for both you and your clients. Continue to grow your business while your clients continue to strive for their optimal health. We will all get through this together and stronger than ever!

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