Business ManagementClients and Members “You Never Regret a Workout” and 7 Other Inspiring Quotes to Motivate Even Your Most Stubborn Clients

"You Never Regret a Workout" and 7 Other Quotes to Inspire Even Your Most Stubborn Clients

There’s something about short, meaningful sayings that have the power to move us. Sometimes getting a phrase in our mind helps us stick it out through a difficult workout, decide to go to the gym one more day, or keep our appointment with the trainer.

As a fitness professional, you might find it frustrating to keep your clients on track, especially if you only see them a few hours a week. How can you break through?

Simple: share these powerful and inspiring quotes that can motivate even your most stubborn clients.

“Remember Why You Started”

Sometimes the reason your personal training clients falter is that the journey is simply so long. It’s so easy to get excited on day one, but by day 175 they lose track of the vision.

By reminding them to “remember why you started,” you can reconnect them to their original goals. They can remember the enthusiasm they had at the beginning and push through.

“Your Body Can Stand Almost Anything… it’s just your mind you have to convince.”

Helping clients realize that their body is strong enough, good enough, and powerful enough can help them stop making excuses. When they realize that their mind is the key, they’ll focus on having a better mindset.

You know that it’s often key to client motivation to get people to stop giving themselves reasons to quit. When you remind them to keep their thoughts in line, your job is much easier.

“Sweat is Just Fat Crying”

A lot of your clients will love this playful quote. Sometimes people don’t like sweating, or they feel that sweat is dirty or undesirable. By reframing it as “fat crying,” you’ll boost your client’s ability to embrace the sweat and enjoy the workout.

This quote is also helpful for your personal training business because it gives the client a visual which lets them feel like they are seeing results each and every workout.

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“Let Exercise Be Your Stress Relief, Not Food”

There’s no doubt that people are under an incredible amount of stress. Whether it’s due to work demands, home strife, or simply not knowing what they want to do with their future, your clients need an outlet.

Unfortunately, a lot of people turn to food to relieve that stress. A donut, pastry, or big bowl of pasta is called “comfort food” for a reason. It boosts endorphins and helps us feel better – for a short time.

To boost client engagement, remind your clients that working out can give them the same boost. Not only that, it lasts longer and is much healthier!

“Eat for the Body You Want, Not the Body You Have”

One of the frustrations for many personal trainers is that their clients can undo all their hard work by eating poorly away from the gym.

To help people keep their momentum going forward, remind them that eating is just as important as the workout. They need to eat based on their goals, or they will never see change.

This quote is an easy way for clients to remember that how they eat really matters!

“Each Day is Another Chance to Change Your Life”

Every trainer has clients that fall off the wagon. They disappear from the gym for months, only to sheepishly come back feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

You can help them turn those negative feelings around with this quote. After all, what they’ve done the last six months is much less important than what they choose to do today. When you encourage them, they’ll be grateful and it will help kick their motivation into high gear!

“Becoming Healthy is the Best Decision I Ever Made”

Helping your fitness clients keep their eyes on the right goals is essential if you want to keep them moving forward. This quote reminds them that the focus on every workout is on health.

No, you won’t lose 50 pounds after your first workout. But you will be healthier than you were yesterday. And you can get even healthier by coming back tomorrow.

Focusing on health can also help clients avoid dangerous behaviors such as unsustainable workouts or eating patterns that cause harm.

Use these quotes to encourage even your most stubborn clients! We’d love to know which one is your favorite!

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