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23W Founder Ange

Australian trainer Ange Drake had a vision. She wanted to create a hub for women that taught them everything there is to know about getting stronger and becoming more confident.

So, as a skilled and highly qualified fitness professional, with a passion for supporting women through all stages of life, she founded 23W. Here she established a high standard of quality for in-person coaching, and quickly seen the client base grow.

“23W has been growing as a community, as I have been growing as a business owner. We started off with 40 members, and now we have around 240 women that come through the door every week.”

As the company continued to grow, Ange wanted to find a tech solution that would allow 23W to maintain that standard of coaching through online training, enabling her team to empower more women.

“We were looking for a tech solution that would allow us to maintain the quality of our coaching, which we are known for, to be able to make sure that we could offer a service to our members that would allow them to continue to grow.”

This is where ABC Trainerize helped Ange take 23W to the next level.

23W has been able to effectively integrate a hybrid training model by streamlining their processes and maximizing client engagement, in and out of the gym. They’ve attributed 10-20% of their total revenue growth to ABC Trainerize. This has allowed them to hire and retain new coaches, and ultimately provide more value to their members.

“That margin has really allowed us to hire new coaches, retain awesome coaches, add more value to our members, and be able to look at new offers and services that we can be adding.”

Want to learn more about how ABC Trainerize helped 23W increase its revenue, streamline admin, and fully engage clients both in-person and online?

Watch Ange’s full story here!

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