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3 Great Ways To Retain Clients and Build Relationships

Here Are 3 Examples of Ways You Can Retain Clients and Start Building a Stronger Trainer/Client Relationship:

1. Real Talk

Sometimes clients need an extra push. This can be very difficult to do. On one end, as the trainer you may not have a personality that likes to confront issues. On the other hand, your client may be very sensitive and there is the possibility of harming your client’s confidence. So real talk is learned through experience, of working with each individual you train. Even better if you’re a speciality trainer dealing with similar clients.

I’ll give you an example: One of my clients was starting to get off track (busy at work, daily work dinners, traveling on weekends, etc.). What was happening, was that “all or nothing” mindset set in, and if my client slipped up once, the rest of the day would be horrible; essentially putting a pause on her health. So I asked my client, “Do you think you are being a healthy role model for your daughter? And if you continue doing what you are doing, do you think you will be happier or regretful?” Getting your client to do a small mental reset to get back on track is sometimes all it takes.

2. Support

This is extremely important. Everyone needs support, I don’t care who you are. The thought of knowing you have someone looking out for you goes such a long way.

Simple things such as: Sending a motivational quote, sending a text asking how their day was, delivering a card in the mail, giving them a shoutout on social media, I could go on. It’s a connection that will only help the trainer/client relationship grow.

3. Incentive program

You can run completely free with this one. How your business is set up will determine how you run your incentive program. Whether you are onsite or online, this is a great way to keep your clients and make loyal ones at that.

Some examples: offer one free training session for each referred client they bring in, have a monthly challenge with clients where the winner gets a prize, or every 1% body fat lost earns a certain amount of credit back on their account. Just choose according to what works for your business, making it a win-win program.

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