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3 Ways The New Groups Feature Can Make Your Life Easier and Improve Client Experience

Of all the features Trainerize has added and continues to add to make both the trainer and client experience better, I think the Trainerize Groups feature is my favorite! I have been doing online training and running online challenges using Trainerize for many years now, and with the addition of the groups feature, my newest challenge is running better than ever.

How is it Helping?

Let me start by explaining the many ways I use Trainerize in my training business. I have clients that I train online with personalized programs, clients participating in one of my challenges, in-person personal training clients, and clients that attend the group fitness classes at my studio. All of these clients have access to my Trainerize app; however, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of who’s who and clients are sometimes confused as to how to get a hold of me (email, text, Trainerize app, etc.). The groups feature simplifies all of this.

Here are 3 Ways I’m Using the Groups Feature To Make My Life Easier:

1. No More Facebook or WhatsApp Groups Needed

In the past, I have created private Facebook groups for my challengers as well as for my group fitness studio members, but the problem you run into is that (believe it or not) some clients don’t use Facebook or aren’t very active on it. That said, almost every single client has a smartphone, and if for some reason they don’t, they have access to a computer. This means that every client can download Trainerize and access the in-app group chat. This has helped me because now everything is in one app and I know that everyone is going to see the messages and notices when they use the app to access the challenge details.

Hint: Don’t split your clients’ attention. Keep training plans and messaging together in one convenient, easy-to-use platform.

2. Clients Can Motivate Each Other

Within each group you create, clients can see when another clients checks in for a workout or asks a question. Seeing other clients checking in for and completing their workouts or posting post-workout selfies (I highly encourage them, lol) is a great way to motivate other members of the group to complete their workouts. Guess what, all of that is going on without you (the trainer) having to do anything! You can congratulate clients for completing their workouts, add emoji’s to celebrate their achievements, and offer motivational quotes—all within the group.

3. All Your Client Questions In One Place

The final and BEST reason I love the groups feature is that all of my client questions are in one place now.

Streamline your client communication with both private and group messaging—in app!

Normally, for example, when I start a new 21-day challenge, the first two days of the challenge consist of my phone blowing up with questions via text, my email inbox bursting with questions, my Trainerize inbox loaded with questions, etc. But now, using the groups feature, right from the beginning I can inform challengers about the in-app group and tell them that I will be answering questions through the group or Trainerize private messages ONLY!

Let me tell you, doing this has changed my world. Clients started using the group chat to ask questions instead of direct messages, which meant I could answer the questions out in the open, where all the group members could see both the questions and my answers. This saves both me and my clients time since many people have the same questions, and it helps keep all the group members on the same page. Yes, there were still some private messages, which is fine, and because they were still all in Trainerize, I was able to manage my client communication all in the same place.

Make Your Life Easier Too!

I hope you enjoy the groups feature as much as I do, and if you weren’t sure how to use it, I hope this helps you get started. I know it can make your life easier too!

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