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HIIT Workouts

One of the top fitness trends is HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s so popular because your clients can gain a lot of benefit in shorter sessions. Studies show that a few minutes of HIIT is as effective as a much-longer traditional cardio workout, and plenty of Trainerize trainers use HIIT workouts for efficient and effective training.

However, it’s good to keep your clients on their toes! HIIT workouts have been so popular for so long that the traditional formats, while effective, are old news. What can you do in your personal training to make HIIT fresh and new—whether you’re training in-person or online?

One way is to implement new HIIT formats in your fitness business. Here are some options!

1. Bring Micro-HIIT to your sessions

HIIT is a great workout, but you can make it even shorter and still see your clients succeed. You simply use an even shorter, intense burst of energy followed by active recovery. Micro-HIIT has been shown to be beneficial for those looking to reduce body fat.

Micro-HIIT can also help make your fitness classes even more accessible to those who are starting out because you’re asking for a shorter time of intensity. Plus, quicker workouts may be more appealing to those working out at home during the pandemic. For instance, ask clients to do 40 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of recovery.

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2. Use HIIPA for new clients or clients with limited mobility

What is HIIPA? It stands for High Intensity Incidental Physical Activity. HIIPA integrates bursts of physical exertion into regular daily life. This can be anything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or vacuuming with a bit of extra gusto.

Habit coaching can be an effective way to integrate HIIPA into your clients’ routines. Experts recommend a weekly minimum of 150 minutes for moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. Whether your client focuses on speed when they take the stairs at work or shovels snow at home at a quick rhythm, as long as they can’t hold a conversation they are getting physical benefits.

3. Take a more zen approach with yoga-HIIT

Hybrid exercises allow you to enjoy the best o two worlds, and yoga-HIIT is no exception. Yoga-HIIT combines the cardio and strength training of HIIT with the stretchwork of yoga.

In the fitness industry, offering diverse workout options will help you stand out. By using yoga HIIT, you’re allowing clients to burn serious calories while also finding balance, encouraging mindfulness, and developing stability. You could create a video workout through our on-demand video features!

4. Protect joints with HILIT

Sometimes HIIT is challenging for clients who have trouble with their joints. For these clients, why not try HILIT, also known as High Intensity Low Impact Training?

Getting a sweat-inducing calorie burn while being gentle on your clients’ bodies is possible, and it can help clients feel more comfortable with their workout if they’ve dealt with injuries in the past. With less risk, your clients will avoid missing workouts and keep seeing results. This can also be an effective strategy for pregnant women or people with chronic injury.

Consider ways to boost cardio without so much pounding on the joints, and then use this HIIT trend as another way to stand apart from your competition.

Changing it up for your clients is a good way to increase motivation and engage your clients. Another way to change it up is to implement an online training program. Check out Trainerize for a free 30-day trial to see how online personal training can work for you and your clients.

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