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50 Catchy Business Name Ideas For Personal Training

Stuck on what to call your personal training business? Here are 50 catchy personal training business name ideas to get you started.

Who would you rather train with: Doug from the yoga studio, or Doug the head trainer from Stretch Yourself? Sabrina from the gym, or Sabrina the lead coach at Coastal Fitness? That Tatiana who can bench 200 pounds or Tatiana Jones, Certified Personal Trainer.  

The point is: the name you attach to your personal training business makes your first impressions for you. Picked carefully, the name you choose for your fitness business can help you establish credibility, build trust, and stand out from all the competition. What’s more, your personal training business name can make it much easier for your target audience to find you online and on social media, which is how many trainers find the bulk of their clientele. You don’t want to phone it in and go “uhhhhhhhh, I’m Kyle, let’s lift things”—you can do way better.  

Still feeling stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve laid everything out for you right here. At Trainerize, we specialize in supporting personal fitness businesses like yours, and we’ve seen all the naming schemes in the book. So let’s explore the theory behind name selection, step-by-step strategies for naming your fitness business, and 50 example names you can use as a jump-off point. 

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How Do You Choose a Name for Your Personal Training Business?

To start, let’s break down six core strategies you can use to discover and decide on the name you want for your personal training business. 

Do Competitive Research

Tip-toe your way into the name game with some competitor analysis. Search for your competitors on social media and look closely to see if there’s any common themes or patterns in their fitness business names. Are they using their plain old government names, highlighting certifications, or branding themselves as entire businesses? What kind of words are they using in their names? Who stands out the most?

This sort of research will tell you what’s working, what you like, and what lanes are already taken. You’ll pick up some early trainer business name ideas, and the intel on what’s already in use. That’s major. (And if you need competitive gym marketing strategies, we’ve got an article on that.)

Jot Some Ideas Down

With some competitive research under your belt, you’re now ready to brainstorm ideas for your own name. Grab pen and paper, or pull open a Google Doc—whatever works for your brain dump. 

As you’re writing ideas out, remember to lean into your creativity and try to think outside the box. For example, you could work in puns, alliteration, or other forms of creative wordplay to make your name stick in potential clients’ heads. Equally, you could also reference  terminology from the training niche you’re working in. Like, if you’re a Zumba instructor, it’s probably a good idea to include Zumba in your title. 

Keep your brainstorm low-pressure, and remember: this is hard for everyone. It’s part of the process. 

Throw in some word associations

Still feeling lost? Try using some word associations to guide your naming process. Think for a minute, and come up with a list of words that come to mind first when you think of your training sessions, and the main fitness payoffs your clients see. If your goal is helping amateur athletes get fit and healthy, for example, you could use words like “vitality,” “energy,” or “wellness” in your name. ( is our lil’ cheat code, shhhhhhhh.)

Try an SEO name formula

These days, SEO is pretty much sacrosanct—so strategize around it when choosing your fitness business name. If people can’t find you, you’re toast, kaput, bankrupt, or… at best, coasting along through word of mouth. Either way, SEO-friendly names make for great business.

One tried-and-true method for SEO-friendly names is blending keywords related to your business and your location. For example, “Seattle CrossFit,” “Miami Muscle Builders,” or “Connecticut Creatine Chuggers.” Okay, maybe not the last one, but you catch our drift. SEO-optimized names like these will make it easier for Google to index your fitness business in local search results, so people find you when they’re looking for local trainers.

Consider using your own name

You know who thought carefully about choosing the right name? Your parents. So if you’re stuck on naming, consider using your own name for your fitness business. Using your own name can even be an SEO-friendly strategy if you’ve got a unique or memorable name. “Jim Smith Boxing” doesn’t stick with you, but “Naïma Stevens, Personal Trainer” definitely does.

Keep it short and simple. 

Short names hit harder. People remember them. People pay attention to them. Don’t go over four words, unless you absolutely have to. (We’re keeping this section short for emphasis.)

Should I use my name or a business name for my personal trainer business?

Good question, my friend. Technically, there’s no right or wrong answer—the decision to use your name (or not) depends on your personal preference and your business goals. Do your competitive research, look at what’s working in your area, and ask yourself: what feels right to me? 

Some trainers prefer to make themselves their own brands, to connect with clients on a more direct, personal level. Others prefer to use business names to stand out from the crowd and establish distinct brand identities. There’s one clear dividing line, though: if you’re planning to scale up your services and hire other trainers, you’ll want to brand your training services under a business name. 

50 Catchy Personal Training Business Name Ideas

Listen, we promised you 50 names, and we’d be bad people if we didn’t deliver. These are plucked straight from our brains, but they draw on the same naming strategies we talked about earlier (minus using your real name). Feel free to draw inspiration from them and flip any you like into something brand-new of your own.  

There’s a chance that some of these names are already in use. We know this, ‘cause there’s only so many fitness-related words out there to use in names. Keep that in mind if you see one you like, and double-check to make sure you’re not stepping on someone’s turf nearby by picking it. 

General Training:

  1. Fit N’ Flex
  2. Sweat Society
  3. Iron Jungle
  4. Better Bodies
  5. Muscle Masters
  6. Endurance Elite
  7. Burn Brigade
  8. Fitness Fusion
  9. Total Training
  10. Peak Performance

Yoga and Pilates:

  1. Zen Fitness
  2. Bliss Body
  3. Breathe Easy
  4. Mindful Movers
  5. Downward Dog Fitness
  6. Yoga Haven
  7. Stretch and Strength
  8. Pilates Pulse
  9. That’s a Stretch! 
  10. Balanced Body

Lifestyle and Sports Training:

  1. Be Your Best
  2. The Personal Besters 
  3. Athlete’s Advantage
  4. Fit 4 Life 
  5. The Active Life
  6. Best Life Coaching
  7. Get Fit, Stay Fit
  8. Motion and Commotion
  9. Peak Fitness Coaching
  10. Game On Coaching

Weight Training

  1. Ironclad Fitness
  2. All Squats, No Thoughts
  3. Stronger Daily
  4. Muscle Minded
  5. Reps All Day 
  6. Muscle Mechanics
  7. Personal Max Training
  8. Lifters and Lifers
  9. Barbells Inc. 
  10. Power Ups 

Performance Physical Trainers

  1. Athletic Edge
  2. Apex Training
  3. High Performance PT
  4. Dynamo Fitness
  5. Champ Champ
  6. Prime Fitness
  7. Next Up Training
  8. House of Power
  9. Precision Athletics
  10. Breakaway Fitness

Okay, you’ve named your personal training business—now what’s next? 

The fun’s just begun. Now that you’ve got a name for your fitness business, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a fitness management tool that can help you deliver stand-out training (to go with that standout name). Look no further: that’s where Trainerize comes in. 

Our tools make it easy to create appointment times for your training sessions, invite your clients, and send helpful reminder messages. You can even deliver custom workouts, nutrition plans, and online training, all within Trainerize. With your skills, your snazzy fitness business title, and Trainerize backing you up, you’ll build that training roster you’ve always dreamed of. 

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