Business ManagementTechnology and Automation Benefits of a Custom Branded App for Fitness Professionals

custom branded app trainerizeWhen I first started my Online Personal Training business I was a bit lost. I didn’t know how to market myself, how to get more clients, or how to best deliver plans to the people who were requesting online training from me. After trial and error using spreadsheets, presentations, different messaging tools and emails, I stumbled across Trainerize and discovered the power of having a dedicated site for all things training.

Everything from:

  • client management
  • payment options
  • delivery of plans

All right there in one place! It was amazing to shift to the app and made every side of my business easier to manage and more professional-looking. Truthfully, it allowed me to focus more on what I do best: programming and communicating with clients.

Custom Branded Apps

It then came to a point in which I wanted to take things to the next level and decided to explore the Custom Branded App route. The set-up was super easy, straightforward and a few weeks after submitting all my assets, voila! I had my very own app! This was huge because it allowed me to start marketing my services in a different way while also giving my existing clients an upgrade in their experience. Here are a few things I love about my CBA:

  1. The affordability. The cost for getting the app was totally worth it that gave my brand another selling point and added value.
  2. The professionalism. Seeing my brand show up in the splash screen when opening the app never gets old and makes my business that much more professional.
  3. The improved client experience. It was a total upgrade for my clients and it allowed us to connect at a deeper level!
  4. A stronger brand connection. When they open the app and see the brand in front of them, it reminds them of the fact that their coach is on the other side cheering for them.
  5. Putting the trainer in their pocket.  The feedback has been very positive and has created a simple and easy way to keep people accountable and motivated through their fitness journey.
  6. The convenience. Being able to pull out the app and catch up with messages, move things around in client programming, make updates to clients profiles and even comment on completed workouts has been a game changer. We’re able to connect with our clients on the fly.
  7. The instant communication. The simplicity of getting that immediate communication has allowed us to be there for our clients when they most need it.

Don’t just take it from me though, other trainers who use Trainerize rave about the positive impact that having their own Custom Branded App has had on their business. Like Michelle Riley in one of her Trainerize Blog posts explains, “The ability for Trainerize to take my brand and apply it through the App Store has added a professional touch to my business.” and I couldn’t agree more because it truly does!

You can learn how to get your own Custom Branded app here.

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Carlos Salas

Carlos Salas is a Venezuelan fitness trainer, calisthenics coach and entrepreneur based in Toronto. Carlos is the founder of Calisthenics Canada, the national federation that enables the growth of calisthenics across Canada. He runs his own online personal training business, Train HRDR, through which he helps people worldwide get in shape and reclaim their health.

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