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In Canada and the USA, February marks Black History Month, a dedicated time to recognize the ongoing struggle against systemic racism and to highlight the efforts of Black changemakers and activists who are leading the way to a more equitable future.

This annual observance prompts reflection on persisting racial inequities and amplifies the voices and actions of those working towards a more just society. Black History Month also provides us with the opportunity to celebrate Black excellence in all fields of life, and here at ABC Trainerize we’ve decided to highlight a series of Black fitness influencers who are thriving online in 2024.

Here are 5 inspiring individuals in the wellness industry that you should follow for a mixture of fun, mental motivation, workout inspiration, and so much more!

Dr. Robin Barrett | @dr.robinb

Dr. Barret is a pharmacist, Senior Coach at joinladder, podcast host, an entrepreneur, and so much more! Her holistic approach to health and wellness ensures that her content highlights the importance of both mental health and physical health, and how they are intrinsically linked.


Gabriel Sey | @gabriel_sey

Gabriel offers online coaching services at SeyFit, and runs an Instagram account packed full of useful tips on mindset, working out, and building your brand. A vital part of his account’s success is that he has a lot of fun — as he says himself, “expect laughs, workouts & lots of #dadding’.”



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Deonna Jeffries | @deonna_d

Deonna is a regenerative health practitioner, whose social content is mainly aimed at helping women improve their gut health and transform their bodies. Follow her page for a mixture of workout insights and healthy-eating tips!


Paul Olima | @olima_omega

A former professional athlete and sports model, Paul is now known for his hilarious internet presence. His content is a perfect blend of comedy and fitness, keeping his +1 million followers both entertained and informed. He also runs the Omega Academy where he provides expert fitness guidance to members.



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Simone Sobers | @simonesobers

Simone has over 20 years of experience as a classically trained dancer. She runs a number of dance-based programs, including a HIIT-based twerk and tone program. If you love dancing (and having so much fun that you’ve forgotten that you’re working out), Simone is the fitness coach for you!


Though Black History Month will end in a few weeks, ABC Trainerize remains committed to highlighting the exceptional Black fitpros we collaborate with on a daily basis. We aim to showcase more ABC Trainerize trainers in future articles, so stay tuned for upcoming features and case studies.  


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