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We all know that the majority of our online and in-person training clients are looking for help in workouts they can do in the gym or at home.

However, what about those clients who sit at a desk all day?

These could be the same clients who head to the gym after work to perform one of your training programs, or an untapped market of potential clients waiting for you to reach out and help them improve their health.

How to Design Desk Workouts for Desk Dwellers

As fitness professionals we know all the issues that come along with sitting at a desk for long periods of time for days and days in a row, but many people who are stuck in this lifestyle might not be aware of what this “sitting marathon” is doing to their posture, and their health. Many new research studies have come out listing the many hazards of sedentary lifestyles, and even gone so far as to state that “sitting is the new smoking.” We, as fitness professionals, need to tap into this market to help improve the health of desk dwellers around the world.

With the power of the internet and Trainerize, we have the potential to reach out and help anyone from anywhere in the world!

The best thing is that we can actually do this! With the power of the internet and Trainerize, we have the potential to reach out and help anyone from anywhere in the world! All you have to do is get creative with your marketing and program creation to pique the interest of those people who might not necessarily want to, or feel comfortable going to a gym, or are not likely to exercise at home, but know they need to do something about their health.

So how do we reach the ‘Desk Dwellers’?

Here are 3 tips on how to design desk workouts that will reach a new demographic and build your business further:

1. Start by creating videos of exercises and stretches that can be done at a desk or in a small office space with no equipment. You could also incorporate meal planning with healthy lunch ideas for the office to avoid eating out for lunch everyday.

2. Create some marketing material talking about how just a few stretches and getting up from your desk at least once per hour can help improve health, mental wellbeing, and overall make you feel better (just an example). Write some great content for your blog about how easy it is it incorporate a few stretches and exercises per day and how your online training can help them.

3. After you have all of your content created (this shouldn’t take too long), share a few example videos of desk workouts and some blog posts with your social network, ask them to share with people they know who work at a desk all day, etc.

This should be a great way to get started and also a great way to expand your online training clientele. Also consider contacting local or worldwide businesses and offer a corporate “move it and lose it” challenge (again another great example) that they can hold with all of their staff in the office. Everyone tracks their movement through the Trainerize app, and even perhaps a Fitbit, because that can all be synced into your Trainerize app now, too!

I hope this helps you reach a new demographic or helps your current clients to keep moving throughout the day, and at the office before they get to the gym.

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