Best Practices Encourage Online Training Clients to Get Outdoors With Your Trainerize App

Encourage Online Training Clients to Get Outdoors With Your Trainerize App

Anyone else loving this warmer weather? Unless you are so lucky to live in a place like California where it’s warm and sunny all year round (I’m jealous!). I’m here in Vancouver and we get pretty excited around this time of year when the days get longer and the sun comes out.

I love to take a lot of my workouts outdoors during the warmer spring/summer months and love to encourage my clients to do so also.

One thing I have found is that many people have a misunderstanding that the only way to get a good workout in is inside a gym. We all know this is false information and it’s our job to educate our clients on what they can do if they want to switch it up, and take their workouts outdoors while soaking up some Vitamin D!

We, as fitness coaches, are able to get in a great workout anywhere because we have the knowledge of exercises and how to use anything and any environment to get in a solid workout; however, we can’t forget that our clients might not know this.

This is where we come in! Of course, not all workouts have to be outside, but it’s nice to have the option to get outside for a sweat session to switch it up from the gym.

Here are 2 Ways You Can Build Your Business and Keep Current Clients Engaged Through Outdoor Workouts:

1. Promote Outdoor Workouts to Gain New Clients

This is a great way to pick up some new online training clients in the warmer months. Why not create a series of outdoor workouts and market your services for the summer?

This is great for stay at home Mom’s who might want workout ideas to do while the kids are playing in the backyard or for those who love the outdoors and want to switch up their workouts from regular gym workouts (or in combination with their indoor workouts).

2. Discuss and Educate Clients on Ways They Can Take Their Workouts Outside

This will obviously depend on each individual clients goals and training program, but I feel it is our job to educate clients that fitness is a lifestyle.

This means that spending hours on end in the gym this week doesn’t necessarily have to happen each and every week in order to see results. Providing clients with outdoor workouts will further educate them and keep them motivated in their workouts because everyone loves a new challenge.

Some outdoor workouts could consist of bodyweight (or minimal equipment) strength/metabolic workouts, hill sprints, steady-state cardio or LISS, or even interval cardio, etc. Have them post pictures or videos on their social media of them doing outdoor workouts and tag you, this could help promote your online training app.

These are just a few ideas to get the wheels turning in your head about how you can use the warmer summer months to further motivate current client and maybe pick up a few new ones. Remember, things that come easy to us and seem like common sense as fitness coaches, might not come as easy to your training clients. Making a suggestion to take a workout outside might be just the thing that a client needs to motivate them to keep going in their program.

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