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Attract New Clients by Adding At-Home Workouts to Your Online Personal Training

Are you looking to attract more clients to your online fitness business? Of course, you are! But if you’re only offering workouts designed for the gym, you might be losing out on potential clients. At-home workouts might just become your new BFF when it comes to getting more online training clients.

Not everyone can make it to the gym

While many people like to complete their workouts in a gym or fitness club, this isn’t the case for absolutely everyone. There are lots of different reasons why someone might not be able to make it into the gym:

  • not feeling comfortable in a gym environment
  • not having time to go to the gym
  • not willing or able to pay for a membership
  • traveling often for work
  • responsibilities at home (parenting, caregiving, etc.)
  • constantly changing work schedule or unusual shifts/hours
  • having medical conditions that prevent them from using crowded public spaces
  • personal preference

And even beyond all that, sometimes, life just gets in the way. There could be a freak weather system passing through, or a nasty cold or flu going around. The gym just isn’t always the place to be.

So, if you have yet to offer and market at-home workouts with minimal equipment to your online training packages, there is a whole new audience of people you might not be tapping into.

A quick note before I go on: I am all about making sure you find your niche and stick to it when it comes to marketing your programs. So, if you only offer online coaching for bodybuilding, then perhaps at-home workout offerings might not be a good fit for your business. However, if you offer a slightly broader range of services, such as fat loss programs for women between the ages of 25-45, then the at-home workout offerings would be a perfect fit!

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There are 2 ways you can begin to offer at-home or bodyweight workout programs as part of your online coaching packages:

1. Create a 100% At-Home Program for a One-Time Purchase

It’s often the case that clients interested in at-home or on-the-go workouts are looking for an easy-to-follow program that doesn’t involve complex periodization or progressions. They want a simple workout (or set of workouts) they can follow to help them get moving and fit some exercise into their day. (Think of this as an upgrade to at-home workout videos: same easy format but with more personalization!)

To deliver on this, create a program that is done strictly at-home (or outdoors) with minimal space and equipment required. Make this as a one time purchase on your website and call the program “Work Out at Home” (or think of something more catchy and creative, but equally clear). Then, when clients make a purchase, all you have to do is add them to your Trainerize app; subscribe them to the program, and send them a short guide you’ve created to go along with the program (uploaded into the meal plan section). That’s it! Clients can have access to your app for as long as you set the to program last for (consider 2 months). After that, offer clients a small monthly fee to continue to use your app when they finish the program.

FUN FACT: If you’re using Trainerize Pay, you can actually fully automate the client set up process the moment they make their purchase. Learn more about automating your online sales!

This is an easy way to increase your sales, boost brand awareness, and bring more people into your training business. You never know, clients might love using your app and after getting their feet wet with an at-home program would like one of your more expensive and detailed training packages.

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2. Offer Ongoing Personal Training with At-Home Workout Options Built Right In

Consider this: if you are not marketing that your online personal training programs can also be done at home, you might be losing out on potential clients.

Think of how many people might come to your website or social media channels because they are intrigued by the idea of online personal training, but, for all the already mentioned reasons, they’re not interested in going to the gym to work out. They might decide then and there that online personal training (and your services) are not for them.

To avoid turning-off potential clients, make sure your advertised training programs include at least one option for at-home workouts or build a mix of gym, bodyweight, and at-home workouts into all your programs to really hit the widest marketing possible.

This is definitely a more labor-intensive approach to offering at-home workout options, but it’s one that can pay off majorly by not only drawing in new clients looking for gym-free options but also by giving your current clients more flexibility in how and where they get their workouts in. Anything that keeps them active is a win for your client retention.

Remember not to steer too far from your niche market. However, if you can incorporate this option into your offerings, you might be able to reach more people. Thus, bring in more people to your online coaching business!

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