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Engage With Clients on Social Media to Build Your Online Training Business

If you’ve got plenty of 1-on-1 personal training clients, but your goal is to eventually start doing more online training, now’s the perfect time to encourage the clients you see in person to engage with you more frequently online. You can do the same with the clients you already train online.

Although some clients might prefer in-person training at first, the more familiar clients get with staying in touch via the web or a mobile app, the more comfortable they might become with the idea of virtual training.

To that end, here are three reasons why it’s beneficial to set the stage for prosperous online training through popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

1. Social Media Posts Can Sometimes Do Double Duty

If you consistently post relevant content on your social media channels, you’ll be progressively showcasing your ability to provide useful advice and educational guidance to clients and prospects. Doing so subtly helps you market your online training services.

For example, you could occasionally share a video of yourself on Facebook or YouTube demonstrating an exercise that your clients/prospects would find helpful. Be sure to let your followers know that they can benefit from the full library of videos you have available through your online training services—and that you’d be handpicking videos customized to them.

TIP: Save time with video-based programming by importing your own YouTube channel directly to Trainerize.

2. Clients Are the Best People to Promote Your Online Training

Getting clients to interact with you on social media helps build loyal relationships. And staying connected to prospects on social ensures constant top-of-mind awareness: prospects aren’t likely to forget about you if they frequently see your posts in their Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram feeds!

However, perhaps the best application to engage with clients on social media is the opportunity for clients to mention and recommend your training services to their own social media networks. This type of positive word of mouth is priceless!

promotion-social-mediaFor example, when a client shares an update on Facebook or Twitter right from the Trainerize platform, they’re broadcasting their motivation to exercise (good for them!) and, at the same time, casually marketing your training services (good for you!).

Remember that clients who follow you on social media are able to tag your social accounts, making it easy for others to click on the tags and find your contact info.

3. “Social Proof” Is Powerful Stuff

There’s a third reason why your existing clients make good social media followers: they help you establish something called “social proof”.

Social proof is the influence that’s created when people see what others are doing. Social proof on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram means that if people see you have a decent number of followers, and, more importantly, that those followers are readily engaging with you, it gives the impression that there’s something noteworthy going on! This influence might lead to more people “liking” your Facebook Page or following you on Instagram, interacting with you there, and perhaps eventually signing up for your online training services. That’s a win-win outcome for everyone.

Amanda Vogel, MA, human kinetics, is a fitness presenter and writer with an expertise in social media marketing for the fitness industry. She also reviews fitness gear, clothing, activity trackers and apps for her blog Amanda is IDEA’s Fitness Technology Spokesperson. Find her on social at @amandavogel on Twitter and @amandavogelfitness on Instagram.

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