Press and AnnouncementsProduct and Company Finding Stability in the Face of Uncertainty and COVID-19: A Message from the CEO of Trainerize

As some of the most health-savvy individuals out there, you’re probably already extremely familiar with and unsettled by the current situation surrounding COVID-19.

As the number of confirmed cases around the world has continued to grow, we’ve also been paying close attention to what’s unfolding with growing concern over the impact on the fitness industry.

We know that keeping your clients, your team, and yourself healthy is top of mind right now. We also know that many of your businesses are already starting to feel the effects of this pandemic with your revenues—in essence, your livelihoods—taking a hit as clients and members become apprehensive or even unable to head to the gym, attend fitness classes, or meet with their personal trainer. Many clubs and studios around the world are in the process of making the tough decision about whether or not to stay open; others have already made the call and closed.

A number of you have already reached out to us to share the many concerns you’re facing on how to navigate forward.

Chief among your questions is how to use online training to manage the loss of in-person personal training—something that is likely a longstanding and essential source of revenue for many of you; how to run group training and maintain the strong motivation and sense of community it fosters; and how to make a smooth transition and bring you existing in-person clients 100% online.

We hope that Trainerize, the online training it facilitates, and the engagement-focused features it contains, can help you weather through this storm, allowing you and your clients to practice recommended precautions (such as social distancing), while also creating stability and continuity in this time of uncertainty—both for your clients and their fitness journeys, and for your business and income.

As you make this transition to online or ramp up the online services you’re already offering, we’re here to guide you and will be with you every step of the way.

In addition to our pre-existing range of support resources, we’re creating a collection of materials specifically dedicated to addressing those major concerns and helping you manage these unique circumstances. We will be running a series of brand new webinars (both live and on-demand) to help get you up and running and answer all your burning questions, and posting new content on our Fitness Business Blog to guide you during this period of flux. We’ll be adding to these materials constantly as the situation evolves so we can continue to best support you and your clients.

Finally, know that we’re going to continue monitoring the situation as it unfolds, keeping a close eye on the fitness and wellness industry, and sharing updates and solutions with you regularly, so please keep an eye on your inboxes.

We will be by your side throughout this.

Stay healthy, safe, and positive.

Sharad Mohan
CEO of Trainerize

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