Business GrowthFundamentals and Best Practices If You Haven’t Started on 2015 Business – You Are Already Behind

If You Haven't Started on 2015 Business – You Are Already Behind

Now is the perfect time of the year to start promoting your online training business in order to get a great start in January 2015. December is a month when people are very generous with their wallets and are always looking for gift ideas for loved ones, well the service you offer is an amazing gift to anyone – the gift of health!

This is also the time of year when people are all saying things like “2015 is going to be my year, I’m going to be the best me I can be” or “I’m going to finally lose this last 20lbs of baby weight in 2015” etc. Why not focus in on those people wanting to change and tell them you have just the solution to their problem.

How to get more sales and get your 2015 business year off to a great start:

Gift Cards/Special Promotions

Create a great attractive image (or have someone else do it if you aren’t a self proclaimed graphic designer on the side) in order to get the attention of your clients and prospective clients. Post it on Facebook and all over your social media outlets asking your followers to “share the health” this December (or something like that – pretty much some kind of guilt trip to make people feel bad if they don’t share it).

Also make use of your email list, I like to send out an email with a subject like something like: “I want this for Christmas” and then inside the email discuss the different gift cards or promotions you are offering for December and how they can be purchased. Now all you have to do is ask your email subscribers to hit forward and send it to loved ones that they think might be looking for gift ideas for them. (More here)

“New Year, New You” Challenges

January is the time of year that everyone wants a “fresh start”, they all feel guilty about the diet and health destruction that happened over the holidays and are ready to make a change. Get great graphics with a great name and tag line that will catch the attention of people and be sure to include a lot of information all about what customers will get with their challenge, as well as what type of results they should expect after completing the challenge. I have run quite a few challenges through my business now and they are a great way to motivate your clients, add camaraderie amongst all of your clients, and bring in extra cash to your business.

Ask for Testimonials from Current Online or In-Person Clients

Use your current clients either online or in-person clients to promote your business to others who might be thinking about joining. Most clients are more than willing to write up a little testimonial for you if you have helped them meet a weight loss or fitness goal. People are already thinking about getting back on the “fitness bandwagon in January” during the December months, so posting great before and after pictures or client testimonials will get their attention and might turn into more sales for you.

One Important Tip:

Many people are more eager to spend money in December before they see their Christmas credit card bills, so it is important to get all of your promotions advertised in December to prevent people thinking twice about spending money on fitness.

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