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How to Impress Your Clients with Online Meal Plans

We all know how important the nutrition aspect is when it comes to helping our personal training clients lose weight or reach their fitness goals.

I have found in the past it was a lot of work for me as a trainer to set up clients with MyFitnessPal, then set them up with Trainerize, and then email them a meal plan separately. It was not only confusing for my clients, but a lot of work for me.

Since Trainerize has linked up with MyFitnessPal and allowed us to upload our own PDF meal plans, my life has been a lot easier, but even better, my clients are also loving it!

I have had feedback from clients saying that it is so much easier to just open and glance at their meal plan through their Trainerize app, rather than having to search through their email.

How do we get our clients to buy into the online meal plan and actually follow it?

Online training clients have told me that they like how visually appealing my meal plans are, how easy they are to follow, and that they’re filled with lots of extra information, so that all of their questions are answered.

I have been creating meal plans for quite some time, but I have discovered the easiest and most visually pleasing way to create these meal plans are by using iBooks Author (it’s a free app, as long as you have a Mac). I am sure many of you have other programs you use to create your meal plans, or just type them up in a word document. If that works for you then that’s great, keep doing it; however, if you have been looking for an easy way to create visually pleasing meal plans, give iBooks Author a try.

When uploading these eBooks into my clients’ Trainerize accounts, I am able to set their daily calorie goals and macronutrient split at the same time. By making the meal plan read like a book filled with pictures and an easy laid out graph for the meal plan, clients have found much success in keeping their nutrition on point. Once you make one meal plan using iBooks Author, it will be very easy to make changes on a client-to-client basis, to make sure you are giving each client a meal plan specific to their needs.

Streamlining and making things simple for clients will make it more likely that they will keep up with their workouts and clean eating. If you haven’t tried uploading meal plans to your clients’ Trainerize accounts, I suggest you play around with it. Your clients will even have the option to view it in their app (zoom in if necessary), save it, or email it to themselves for future viewing.

Get the “Wow” Factor

Let’s get your clients to show their friends your app, show them how cool it is to train with you online, and get their friends to sign up too! The more “Wow” factor you offer your clients, the more likely they are going to talk about you and help you grow your online training business!

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