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We know that many of you have heard about recent changes to Apple policies and are wondering about how these changes will impact your Trainerize custom branded app. We want you to know that we are both aware of these changes and are committed to delivering on our promise of a custom branded app that can help our trainers stand out from the crowd.

Our plan to help trainers and fitness businesses differentiate themselves with the help of a custom branded app was recently impacted by unexpected changes to Apple’s App Store submission policy. The new changes prohibit brands from submitting a large number of white-label apps identical in code and functionality.

Under Apple’s new standards, an increased level of “differentiation” is required between all apps submitted to the App Store. What this means is that it’s no longer enough to customize our apps through personalized icons alone.

We are working closely with Apple to come up with a custom app solution that meets the level of differentiation required by their standards, while also giving our trainers the level of customization and performance they crave.

Apple has also inspired us to, in their own words, think different.

We’re using this as an opportunity to really explore what differentiation in our custom branded apps means to us.

We believe differentiation should mean two things: building a strong and distinct brand, and showcasing your unique and valuable services. Our new approach will help trainers differentiate on both these aspects, and this is what makes Trainerize different from the rest.

Differentiate with your brand

As one of the options currently being explored, we’re looking at having all our customers download the custom branded fitness app through one container app, but then dynamically changing the app icon on the phone from our generic logo to your logo.

Differentiate with your services

Instead of simply differentiating with an icon, we’re also exploring the option of a more customizable app, tailored to your fitness, nutrition, or messaging workflows, and built the way you like, so you can train your clients the way you want. We’ll also allow more visual personalization than ever before so that the app can better align with your brand identity.

With all of our tabled solutions, our goal is to give trainers an app that allows them to create a truly branded look and feel, while ensuring the solutions can withstand any potential future updates to Apple’s App Store submission policies.

For this reason, it is important to us that Apple validates our solution before we move to launch. Of course, this will take us a little bit of time, and we can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding. We promise it will be worth the wait.

Finally, due to the additional resources required, these changes to custom branded apps might also mean revisiting pricing and availability for the custom branded apps.

While we can’t say for certain what exactly our solution will be, we will continue to update you as we move ahead.

From all of us at Trainerize, thank you for sticking with us as we work through this, and for always inspiring and driving us to do more, be better, and help trainers like you make fitness more accessible and the world a healthier place.

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