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This article is a twin to “My Favorite Digital Marketing Tactic: Email”. Be sure to read that article first!

As an online-only trainer, my marketing tactics are mostly digital—I can’t depend on in-person interactions or high-lift sales processes. I use digital tactics to generate new leads, build a community on my social media, and reach more people with my website.

Here are a few high-level considerations when building your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Be creative: As an online-only trainer, I have to think big when generating leads!
  2. Know your niche: You must really “stick out” and shine as a trainer with a focus.
  3. Be the expert: You have to be someone who knows what the heck they’re talking about.
  4. Show your value: When communicating to leads and clients, always give upscale value.

Therefore, my go-to digital marketing tactic is…

Lead Magnets

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Freebies are my favorite! Always!

This is where I can really let my creativity bloom while showcasing my knowledge as an effective online trainer and nutrition coach.

Best practices for lead magnets

My lead magnets are always:

  • In PDF form
  • Made in Canva
  • Automated for delivery
  • Given in exchange for an email address

This is the best way to creative a lead magnet because it’s simple, efficient to build, and I can set it up so that as soon as someone downloads, they get their freebie and I get their email addresses!

Nurture your leads

With their email address, I set up email automations where I offer incentives, discounts, and programs that I offer on my training platform. This allows me to continue to offer value and continuing to nurture those leads. Don’t leave them hanging after they download!

Lead Magnet Ideas

A few topics to consider for your own lead magnet:

  1. Your Free 5-Day Workout Guide
  2. Your Free 5-Day Meal Plan
  3. Or even something as simple as a free recipe e-book.

I’m telling you, I ALWAYS get new leads and clients with these freebies! Lead Magnets are my number one go-to marketing tactic that I recommend all business owners try!

Both articles in this series focus on the important of capturing and nurturing leads—essential steps in a sales funnel. Learn more about sales funnels to build our your digital marketing ecosystem.

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