Business GrowthGrowth Tactics Positioning Online Training and Tips for Trainers to Grow their Business

Positioning Online Training and Tips for Trainers to Grow their Business

Position Online Training

The way that I have integrated the online training in to my one-to-one personal training business is by way of an add-on to existing clients or new clients, and using it for 100% online clients.

Online Training as an Add-on

If a client can only trains with me once or twice a week, then we can use the app to keep them training effectively in their own time. This then opens up the opportunity to train with more people. It doesn’t take much extra work–as I have already built workout templates that I can either copy to clients as complete programs, and simply schedule their whole workout program for them in a couple of clicks.

Francis Williams training clients

I can also make it more specific to their goals. Matching the workout to the client is pretty easy. For the beginner, I would simply change the exercises to ones they are comfortable with, such as fixed machines, and not give them complex or compound movements to do on their own. Straight-forward push and pull movements can be enough to get them started, then on the day, or days, we train together, we can focus on any questions they have and develop their knowledge of training, while keeping the progression of their program consistent.

100% Online Clients

Now as for the 100% online training, there has been a big push to create a product around the app. My first point of call was to upload my own videos to Trainerize, which I just did on my phone. I then simply used Windows movie maker (which is free!) to edit the videos and put them all in to a folder, before uploading them to YouTube. Once there I could use the tool from within Trainerize to link to them, so I could build my custom workout programs.

Francis Williams training client

Tips to Grow Your Online Training Business

I started with a promotion of “10 lucky people to win an online training program worth $$$” and ran it as an add through Facebook. I created a Facebook group and page so there was credibility and started to collect testimonials from the people who got results. Free advice and fitness tips go a long way, so try to give as much value as you can.

The Trainerize service has a built-in website which is great to add your own banner images. Banners can be made for you for as little as $5 from the website Fiverr, plus montage videos of you training clients, etc.

Banner image Trainerize

In order for me to build my personal training business, I have built a sales funnel that will start with an ad, and lead in to an automated sales system with different price points for people to enter into online training with me. In simple terms it will go like this:

Ad Structure

Give value with free e-books, program samples, promotions and video tips etc.

1. Banner ad with free downloads or promotion.

2. Landing page on your website with free downloads.

Build rapport

3. Redirect to a video of your own personal journey to tell them a bit more about you with banner images below of the programs available.

Make sale

4. Link through to sales video page and payment options.


Once people have clicked on your link, you can then collect their name and email addresses and build your list. You can also give them more value and contact them for future promotions.

I use Mailchimp for my email service, but there are lots of others out there. You can set up an auto-responder sequence of emails so that you can schedule fitness tips or videos to build trust, and showcase the results you get for your clients, or deliver any information you would like.

“I think it is important to give value before selling programs.”

People will be more likely to buy from you if they feel they know like and trust you, are a professional in your field, and can help them with their goals.


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